Sufferer Hit the Wall - Survivors of Childhood Abuse.

Hello fellow Survivors. I recently joined an outdoors forum and I got curious if there was a forum for Survivors of Childhood Abuse. I searched and found MyPTSD so here I am.

My background - I suffered years of neglect, physical & sexual childhood abuse. After suicide attempts at 12 & 14 yr., DFS removed me from my "home". I bounced around in the system, living with foster families and an orphanage.

All my life I have tried to heal from the abuse. I've seen more therapists & read more self help books țhan most can imagine. I got tired of it all & tried burying it for years but this last year I hit a wall. I recently lost my BFF & that loss has been difficult because he was one of the few people I ever trusted, let alone a man. I don't trust men, not even my husband most of the time. He tries to be understanding because my therapist years ago told him that I would never trust anyone. I was furious about that, for a minute, til the Truth of it sunk in.

At 53, I'm forced to acknowledge this PTSD is too much for me to handle some days. I'm trying. I'm still Fighting but some days its hard to bury the pain, the anxiety & to "function".

I'm glad to be here. I hope that we all find a way to Heal our fractures.

Any of you feel crazy sometimes or been called crazy? Well, you're not - you've got PTSD just like Me!
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Welcome. You will find many here who relate to your history including me. But no one took me out of the Hell Hole, I escaped when I was 14.

i hope this forum helps you to make friends, feels like a place you can unload and talk about the good stuff. Because every now and then, there IS good stuff.

See you around. And I'm crazy too. It's not so bad. It has it's own brand of entertainment to the uninformed. Welcome!!


Also crazy.

It's okay for me to say that in the context of this Reply.

I have realized over the past few months that I often call myself or other people "crazy" when I am worried they will misunderstand and judge me (or already have). I'm trying to put a moratorium on that.