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Home invasion ,they worked my family for several years before entering our home .Id rather not go into detail.It was very traumatizing ,I no longer trust anyone.We moved to a different town .Some of them are still out there .So I live in fear , paranoia.I have gotten a bit better .My husband passed away in 2020 .He was sick for a long time with a terminal illness .So we were very much preyed upon .They played my husband by trying to get him to feel sorry for them .Then they would send people around the outside of our home to harass us while we were inside .That went on for several years .The cops called me delusional and wouldn't do anything .It is a very small town so it sickens me that it was allowed to go on .I don't know how to recover from this .I have always been on the shy side and not one to socialize very much .So you can imagine how much I am struggling.My husband is gone and I am left with 3 kids to care for .I need some coping skills so I'm not so jumpy .My mental health has suffered enough .My kids need me.I get so scared and I have no one to talk to about this .


Is there a specific reason you believe you were targeted?

I'm not sure I understand what happened, can you explain it more? Were you robbed, or were you home when they broke in?


Maybe seek out a trauma therapist to help stabilize you? I’m guessing your kids may need one as well. Plus, I’m sure there is grief involved. Do you have parents that can help out? Lots of hard things that you are dealing with.