News Homophobia And Low Intelligence Are Linked, Study Finds

ms spock

An interesting study found that Homophobia And Low Intelligence Are Linked.



The only notable thing seems to be that it's the first time Australia has done this type of study. Similar studies have been done elsewhere - and they do identify connections between low cognitive ability and various kinds of prejudice.

This one from 2011, for example (excerpt from the abstract)
Despite their important implications for interpersonal behaviors and relations, cognitive abilities have been largely ignored as explanations of prejudice. We proposed and tested mediation models in which lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice, an effect mediated through the endorsement of right-wing ideologies (social conservatism, right-wing authoritarianism) and low levels of contact with out-groups. In an analysis of two large-scale, nationally representative United Kingdom data sets (N = 15,874), we found that lower general intelligence (g) in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, and this effect was largely mediated via conservative ideology. A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact. All analyses controlled for education and socioeconomic status. Our results suggest that cognitive abilities play a critical, albeit underappreciated, role in prejudice.

From your link - the Queensland study found:
It was ultimately discovered that, the lower a person’s intelligence was found to be, the more likely they would be to express prejudiced views against same-sex couples.


One word of caution, as I have seen this happen, is a stance of "intellectual elitism" and the dismissing and or villainizing of entire groups of people based on their social, political and/or religious affiliations. In doing this, I am seeing divisions increasing and the "groups" are becoming more disenfranchised. Right now, in this country, I think the "worst" thing you can be is a white, conservative, evangelical male. However, like any categorizing of people, that is not the reality. The problems are far deeper than this and until root causes are addressed, there cannot be resolution and or reconciliation.

Its sad to see the "fears" amplified, rather than addressing the fears and educating to alleviate the fears. My gut is telling me that we need to shift the focus to that of what it takes to let all people feel secure and have the opportunity to succeed.