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Horrible driver instructor today

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Today I had driver lessons that I paid for and this was my second time with the man. I should have trusted my gut the first time because he talked so much I had to fight to get a word in,so 10 minutes in the first lesson I was having a panic attack. Because of anxiety it's hard to go with my instincts.

Today was horrible man. It got heated and I meant he got heated when I pulled into a parking space. We stopped and asked me if my line was under the mirror I'm thinking he's talking about the lines we're currently in and I said no and he kept trying to explain it to me. I didn't know he was talking about the line in the parking space ahead of me to the left and once I finally got it he said snapped to me " I never had a student that didn't understand this" that's when I calmly took a breath and said "take me home" he stormed out of the car in a hissy fit saying " I would love too"

My mother said I should of cursed him out and told him to "give me my f$&king money back" My phone battery has a "false charge" where it says it's at 80% and it's a 20. I was scared of being stranded and asking strangers for their phone, but she's right, I put myself in a bad situation getting back into the car.

The whole ride home I'm quiet and holding back tears. What really pissed me off was he said " you don't ask questions" but he talk so much and when I did ask questions he got ticked. He even told me the first lesson that he tends to overshadow people because he goes on and on.

I should have known something was up because he never asked to see my driving permit and I thought that was strange. I also understand if people aren't equipped to teach me because of my anxiety. Just tell the student you're not able to teach them and move on.

I've been having a panic attack on and off for the past few hours.

We also had no problem practicing parking the last 10 minutes of our lesson the first lesson because I understood what line he was talking about then. He even told me I did a good job the last lesson. Im like ok. I got my money back and blocked him.
You should not feel bad about this altercation at all.
Simply put, your instructor was an impatient and unkind asshole.
Throughout our lives, we will be met with such people. It's best to move on; a hard task for many but it must be done.
Take deep breaths! Everything will be okay and I'm on your side.
So sorry to hear this. As a truck driver I have had to deal with crazy people that were instructors. They really treated me badly. So my suggestion is to find someone you click with for driving lessons if possible. Forget about anyone that tries to put you down by comparison.
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