Horrible nightmares


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None of these are working for my country, except 7cups which is like this only, right? I can't tell anyone.. This is too much and I just can't do it anymore


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Your therapist would have the India equivalent of what Friday posted. The ER would as well. You can call the hospital and ask for the list.


None of these are working for my country, except 7cups…
That’s why I posted multiple links, as we’re a worldwide forum.

…except 7cups which is like this one, right?
Nope. We’re not a crisis service. Nor real-time chat. Nor online therapy. We don’t have staff online 24/7 trained to help people in crisis. We’re just peer to peer support, for PTSD.

The real-time, real-life support you’re looking for? Will be through a crisis service, crisis hotline/chatline, or Emergency Room.


Can you tell me what happened to you please if you don't mind?
i've struggled with these things before. and one of those times landed me in the hospital. it was very frightening. i stopped understanding what was going on around me. i heard voices and footsteps. i saw shadows. people spoke and i couldn't understand them.

i was trapped in my own mind. i was trying to explain to people over and over again-that i'm insane, i don't know what's going on-and nobody believed me. it was all around unsettling. i understand more of what happened to me now that i am not experiencing that state.

you will get to this point as well. what's happening feels very scary but i promise you it won't harm you. you will be okay, and you are safe.


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I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you're better. I called my therapist, she told me to keep doing breathing and grounding exercises, and draw the nightmares. I just can't. But I will try. Thank you so much for everyone's kind replies