Horrific ER experience


I went to the ER and was clear, not homocidal, not suicidal, just anxiety that is making me sweat through my clothes and would like to be checked out and have a resource where to follow up. They agreed. Asshole or a social worker came in and I walked out due to very inappropriate remarks. Doctor agreed it was wrong and tried to get the initial person he sent. Security guarded got worked up and guarded the door so I could not leave to even use the bathroom. 7 hours later of trying to hold my pee and her refusing to allow me to peer in a bathroom -- uh, the worst happened. I peed on myself and still am humiliated by it.

The staff then said I acted wrongfully and was not on a hold. I was foricily stripped, injected with a drug I'm allergic to, left in a room butt naked for an hour-ish with just a blanket wrapped around me until they found a gown... and when my family called the hospital they would come to me complaining that this was happening and state in writing "because your family and lawyers are harassing the hospital you lose...whatever thing on the patient rights sheet they decided to take away next. They even denied a state law and their own patient rights lost of my right to contact a lawyer at "anytime" "and freedom to use the phone at anytime." They took away phone access because "your parents won't stop calling the hospital." They put me in a room with nothing. It was me and my service dog and leash for the dog and a bed. Nothing else. They stated in writing and on recordings on my phone that they deemed me not a danger to myself or others and not gravely disabled. They have no eoxmaiabrion for holding me in an ER psych room overnight. No matter how many drugs they gave me, I stayed away the whole night as PTSD symptoms were in full gear overriding it all.

It was horrifying.

My anxiety? Through the roof. Worse than ever. I keep trying to scrub off everything.

Just got home and I can't seem to be okay. I witnessed a shooting two days show, and now this.

I will never ever go to the ER for anything like this. I spoke to a lawyer and because I have audio stating I don't meet criteria for a hold I may have grounds to sue but that makes it all public.

For now, I'm trying to stop shaking. Everything is worse now. So much worse.


I'm so sorry to hear :(
I can relate with you a lot in having privacy and rights taken away. Even the nearly naked part but nothing to do with hospital.

Im having a very bad day to try and help you. I was shaking today too. And yesterday.

All I can do is send you love through the atmosphere and hope you feel it.


Yes, this was how it was for me many times. It really had me change my definition of what the Canadian Health Care System was all about. One of the main directives for my supporters was that they keep me out of the hospital at all cost because it was literally dangerous in there.

@Justmehere, I am sorry that you were exposed to this type of behaviour by people who present themselves as health care workers. My heart is with you. It's a really hard thing to process. A hard truth to come to. Please let us know how you are when you feel up to it.


They locked me in a room without being allowed to have my own underwear, clothing, cell phone, etc, for my alleged safety, but totally allowed me to keep a 6ft dog leash, service dog harness, and bag of dog food. My friends wrote witness statements to that effect to give to me to file because *they* were so upset by it all.

Like how the hell is that real?!?

But it is.

I saw my primary care doctor today. The only thing that got me in the door was 5 years of seeing this doc. She took extra time. She explained she thought what they did was wrong just on the medical record alone. She explained the effects I would have from the medications... and that the system here is broken. She had me come up with a plan to be okay for the next few days.

I'm not really okay... just existing right now. Sleeping a lot. Doc said that's normal after an experience like this. I'm glad something is normal.


I kicked someone out of my life today that wasn't healthy for me. I struggle at that. It got easy today. I guess that's one upside to my eff all the things attitude after this.
Well good job doing that for yourself - and yeah, I know what you mean about that kind of headspace; I always hate what goes into getting to a f*ckitall state of mind, but do enjoy the tiny bit of superpower it can bestow. I'm glad you got some of that for yourself, at least.


Maybe have your friends each write a letter to the hospital board to let them know how you were treated. You can write one too. Nothing will change except they will have to have "training" on how to compassionately care for mentally ill patients. I don't know if that helps, because at least in my hospital there is a culture of hating "psych" patients.


I saw my primary care doctor today. The only thing that got me in the door was 5 years of seeing this doc. She took extra time. She explained she thought what they did was wrong just on the medical record alone.
This is good that your doctor sees this. I would call her an ally. I hope you can feel some comfort in that. Based on my experience, many doctors would not have believed you.