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How Did You Sleep Last Night?


Forgive me if I'm mistaken but I couldn't find anything similar to this listed in the threads.

I thought it would be a really good tool to have. To talk about how you slept last night or any dreams you may have had etc..

Last night my sleep wasn't so interesting but it did strike me. I slept amazingly; I didn't move at all, I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Though I cannot remember any dreams. I think my body really needed a rest like that.
I'm glad you "rested" well :). I don't recall dreaming last either, which is very odd for me since I usually remember dreaming most every night. However, I did sleep well and woke up early enough to get online and still get off the computer in time to take BigGirl for her walk this morning. I've put it off all weekend so I could sleep in, it was great :D

Crazy nightmares, same motifs as I've been having recently, slept from about 2:30am to 4pm, unable to wake again despite trying hard. Though the first nightmare had a twist this time.

Perhaps my mental imagery before sleep of flying and having wings finally paid off. I was as per usual being chased by many men, some kind of officials again or something, and there was this girl with me. They were coming up quickly and we were in some kind of moonlit grove, and I said, "Come on, we've got to get out of here," or something and just looked up and started to fly upwards. She didn't know how to fly so I flew back down and helped her up. It was pretty great. I remember thinking for at least a split second (I am very good at lucid dreaming and very careful to not acknowledge for too long that I am sleeping, because I might wake) "Wow, finally, it finally worked. I'm flying."

I don't even want to talk about the other nightmare.

Now I am staying up forever because I can't fathom going to sleep. Being afraid of not being able to wake up is getting to ridiculous proportions.

Sorry. Long post. I truly appreciate this thread.
I am so terrified to go to sleep because I've been having those pesky nightmares all week..How is it that you can relive that one moment over and over again but you can't do anything to change it? In all my other dreams I can see that I don't like where it's going and change my course of action...But in these dreams it's like I'm stuck...doomed to experience the nightmare over and over again. :( I'm with you, MissAntiSunshine...I can't imagine sleeping, though not for quite the same reasons.
Rob Dog, I would recommend trying lucid dreaming techniques/mental imagery before bed. I learned to lucid dream a very, very long time ago and barely remember how I started, but as I say above, the mental imagery seemed to really pay off.

My T's suggestion was to envision a rope or ladder, some kind of escape route, before I went to sleep. I prefer to envision myself with wings, because I have had a lot of success with flying in the past.
I think I pulled it off once to shift the paradigm of a repeating nightmare into something more pleasant, it was still repeating but hey what can you do. I made no official attempt to have a lucid dream, its just something my mind did out of need I think. I was also very ill.
I think this is a great thread! Anybody experience this? My dreams seem to flip back and fourth lately.

I'll have rape nightmares for awhile. Then I'll have dreams (these are new) of my mom and sister being really mean and vile to me. Then I'll have really creepy dreams for several days in a row.

Then nothing bad for awhile. Then back to rape nightmares. It's like a viscious cycle.:(. Oh, and then the fun dreams of having sex with my therapist! At least he's cute right:eek:. Where's the hide your head emoticon when you need it!!!!