How Did You Sleep Last Night?


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I don't know. I crashed around 11, which is very rare. Slept well and then not so well. I'm feeling really anxious and wanting to sedate myself more, but it isn't a very good strategy.


I don't usually have nightmares anymore. I kind of have the freedom to sleep when ever I want, so I do fall asleep late, like 2 am. In the past year or so, I dream but its about everyday things....nothing alarming. Often in my dreams, my kids are still young, like grade school age. (they are early thirties). Anyway, I sleep a good 12 hours and I love to sleep. I think my dreams are more pleasant than life in many ways and that's why I dont mind sleeping so much.


I went to bed around midnight and was awake at 2:30 this morning but went back to sleep for several more hours and woke again at 11:30. It is broken sleep but I suppose it is better than no sleep at all.


I’ve been doing the 2pm to 6pm thang.

On the upside? It’s regular. Ish. On the downside I really need those meridians to reverse. 2am to 6am is halfway respectable. The problem is 4am is my witching hour. I’m always f*ckig awake for it. And 2 hours of sleep a night is about 15 years in my rear view for being functional the next day. If I could just be asleep before midnight? I’d be golden. Until then, Imma bit screwed.


Well f*ck me... cursed myself ^^^

Slept Friday from 2pm-6pm
Slept Monday from I don’t f*cking care (around noon) until I woke up (around 6pm). OMFG. Sleeeeeep. Blissful lovely. Eyeballs deep in nightmares but they still killed the sleep dep