How Did You Sleep Last Night?


I was so tired from not having slept much the night before. My dog woke me around 2:30 a.m. and I was so thankful because I was dripping with sweat from a graphic, violent CSA nightmare. Went downstairs to let him out and I was still dizzy and disoriented.


Doin the sleep 2 up 10 thing for the past, IDFK. Since I’m living 3 days for every 24 hours it’s been about 2 week since Monday, and it’s only Thursday. Or Friday. One of those. 2 weeks back. Or ahead. 😵‍💫


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Oops, I wasn't drunk but I wasn't sober either, just 3 glasses of wine and slept OK last night. About 7 hours, the nightmares were there but I didn't wake screaming. Ask me again tomorrow.
Careful! We all know the booze ptsd and decent sleep dilemma…le sigh.

I just started prazozin. It seems to help with the intensity I feel from recurring nightmares but it isn’t lessening severity but maybe less vivid?

it’s weird sleep but I am logging more consistently (still suffering triggers falling asleep here and there) I ain’t Pharm industry, just someone who would prefer blacked out drunk sleep to pills but that’s usually risky drinking long term!


At last, sleep! 8 hours. Had a stomach flu after Christmas and I have the extra fun of Addison's to go with.
Normally would go to the hospital for a shock dose of hydrocortisone but.....
Without enough cortisone there is no sleep so I had a few naps but no real sleep for 4 days.