How Do I Get Responses To My Threads?

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There are many factors that determine what responses, and how many, you get to a thread. The more you get right when starting your thread, the better your chances getting it right first time.
  1. Thread Title - Short, sharp and accurately descriptive.
  2. Basic Grammar - It is easier for people to read sentences that construct short paragraphs.
  3. Edit Nonsense - When you want specific responses, read your content before posting and remove all the noise. The shorter and descriptive your post, the better your responses. Write a long post full of nonsense and waffle, people get lost amongst it and lose what you actually want, thus they don't respond.
  4. Ask Questions - When you want something, you need to ask for it. So ask it, as that is what people will respond to.
Examples of structuring your thread titles and content for response:
  • What is your favourite ... ?
  • What happened with you in ... situation?
  • What do you think about ... ?
  • What advice would you give me when ... ?
  • Can anyone recommend ... ?
  • What is the worst thing that ... ?
  • Can anyone fix / help me ... ?
  • What is the best / worst ... ?
  • Who do you most admire ... ?
  • Is x really better than y?
  • If you weren't ... would you ... ?
  • Who / What are your top 5 ways to ... ?
  • How would you handle ... ?
  • What ... do you use?
  • Does anyone know how to ... ?
  • Has anyone tried ... ?
  • Is ... right about ... ?
  • Is it ever ok to ... ?
  • What should every newcomer know about ... ?
  • Share your ... ?
The more you ask within your content, the more scope you give readers for possible response. One aspect may not be relevant to a person, yet another is, thus you capture people on specifics within your content and not necessarily the entire content.
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