How do you answer “What brings you to therapy?”


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I'm not actually sure what's wrong, or what the end goal of therapy would be. I was going to sometimes last year, but then I quietly forgot about it, started working, etc. I'm concerned about the question: "What brings you to therapy?"

I guess I've remembered recently a day we were all wasting time outside library at school, someone brought up what happened in the first post I wrote away back, just mentioned it out loud and everybody heard. I can't remember every name and face in earshot, but it was brought up the same way you might recognise a movie you watched with friends or family years ago. Point being, everybody knew, almost everyone I knew at school knew, the pieces of work who took part in it knew, I immediately zoned out as the topic was brought up and don't remember what happened next. Nobody said a f*cking thing all them years, so that's been fun going back over the few, specific, memories of school with the added context that, ok it's not common knowledge, but someone can lightly laugh about doing something like that and everybody ignores it, including me. So who else knew? Even a f*cking teacher might have known, I can't remember.

All this is had me thinking in circles, lots of people knew, at least one of my family members knew, all my friends knew (stupid use of the word I know) and there were at least two other instances that happened in school at later dates. I'll just assume they were unrelated.

This can't be what brings me to therapy though? I've been acting strangely for the past few weeks, but I've no idea how to describe it, nor how to fix it. I can't listen to audiobooks at work anymore, in one ear out the other, can't play games at home either and I've regressed back to how I was when I started work (unable to introduce myself or start conversation). Disconnected might be the word, or stuck in my own mind thinking about the paragraphs above?

The best I can say is I'm stuck in that state, where you remember that cringe thing you said years ago even though its 1am and you're trying to sleep, but I've felt like that all day for nearly a week now, its enough.
Now I have to say this to a therapist with a straight face >:/ Oh boy


Sometimes we can place stress producing expectations on ourselves to narrate our story in a certain manner. Part of the therapist job is to assist us during the journey and allow the movement at a pace that is healthy for us. So congratulations on your choice to move forward and know it shows courage on your part...wanting to heal. Take care.


Your description sounds like a good reason to me. Write it out and read it if you have to, but tell your therapist what's going on and what's bothering you. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, it's what you need help with right now, and that is exactly why we go to therapy.


Sounds like a good reason to go to therapy. I have those cringe moments often about things I've said or done. It's embarrassing and shameful. But I work it out with my counsellor. Good luck!!.🙂
When I started with my current therapist, within the first 15 minutes I revealed I had a plan and the means, she could of had me committed but I told her I would not be there if I was not willing to give things a last try. Its the basis of our relationship, I am all in if she is. However this took courage to do, sometimes it works to just go directly to your needs.


I think your opening post in this thread is a perfect answer to ‘what brings you to therapy’. It clearly explains the issues you are having , is truthful and I think also starts to address’what do you want from therapy’ - it seems to me from your post that stages of progress will be signposted by being able to listen to audiobooks again , to interact again , to be able to sleep…..

Goals can expand as we get a bit of ground beneath our feet again. I think you could read that post to your T - and it would answer that question well.


Because if I could get this all under control on my own I wouldn’t need you. Can you at least show me how someone else got it reigned in? Have you seen guys like me get out of this mess? Well I hope you can show me how. Otherwise we should probably just go home


The best I can say is I'm stuck in that state, where you remember that cringe thing you said years ago even though its 1am and you're trying to sleep, but I've felt like that all day for nearly a week now, its enough.
This is something that I experience daily. And it keeps looping in my mind over and over. If someone knows what this is, could you please endulge me and give me a heads up? Much obliged. :-) then I can pick it up during my next session.


When my T asked me that question, I responded with "My truck?" (Because that's how I got to his office.) He laughed. I thought that was a promising start. We went on to talk about how it's pretty common for people to show up in his office without a clear idea why they're there and that's ok. (Some people DO have a clear idea too and that's also ok.) What really turned out to be true is that there was more going on and more to learn that I realized at the time. Most people can benefit from talking life over with an objective, smart person. Don't feel like you HAVE to have clear goals when you go in. If you do, great, but it's totally ok going in with the goal of just making things vaguely better. Good luck!