How do you feel after a therapy session?


Better? Worse? Both? The same as before? Dysregulated? Connected? Relieved?
Also, if you feel bad after, what helps you re-regulate?

I'm all over the map and curious what is typical for others.
In terms of re-regulating, usually it helps me to distract myself with normal life things, sometimes that doesn't work. I laid around all day yesterday and feel myself wanting to do that some more today; however, I probably should go do something.


How do you feel after a therapy session?

TRAUMA therapy? Shattered. Dysregulated as faaaawk. Kill someone break some shit. Suicidal as hell. Homicidal as ‘Bring it!’. Sleep forever. Disappear forever. Pain. Regret. Remorse. Chaos. It’s bad. Full on. In every possible way. Mentally/ emotionally/ physically/ personally/ chronologically.

Regular therapy? Motherf*cking awesome. I adore regular therapy.

But trauma therapy makes my life better, whilst regular therapy makes moments better.


I usually feel energized. I'm very much in the "bring it!" camp and having a place to go where I can actually do narrative processing with a person who says things that are helpful and not stupid? Totally invaluable, so I do my best not to waste her time, && try to get as much "done" as I feasibly can. Usually, my "dysregulation" comes later, throughout the next 2 weeks as I deal with it in-between. Then go back and do it all over again.


Last session traumatherapy was online at friday. Today 3 days later exhausted, also sick from a cold i guess. Very lucid and intense dreams. Some good, some flashbacks, some nightmares and some mixed al in one..

My legs feel as if I played a whole basketballgame the evening before at my maximum level. My jaw is becoming very muscular from lockjawing at night and during the day. Somedays my teeth hurt from doing this.

Working on getting out of victimmode.

And yeah ... violence in my mind to any kind of predator.


trauma therapy? still, after all these years of practice, feel like crap. Fear, disgust, anger, self loathing, physical pain, blah blah blah. The only thing that makes it easier is that I know it's temporary, and it just a result of me chip chip chipping at the trauma iceberg

Regular therapy? empowering, relieved, grateful someone will listen.

But trauma therapy makes my life better, whilst regular therapy makes moments better.
Love this!!!!!


All of the above. Sometimes I feel energized even when we did something tough, if something comes of the process then I feel great. That doesn’t happen very often. Sometimes it’s this energy where I don’t know what to do with it. Pace the house, walk the dogs, clean, it’s an energy that in thinking about it now is a need to keep busy so my brain isn’t able to revisit the session. Other times I’m completely suicidal and it’s all I can do not to carry though with that process. I also have times where I’d say I’m confused and on a mission to find answers. Sometimes that means posting here and other times it means hours of scientific papers.

Pretty much all of the above are soothed with journaling but sometimes I’m not in the headspace to journal it, I haven’t turned it over in my head enough to get anything out of my head and onto the paper. This is especially true if I’m angry because it’s like I know journaling or being around people will help but I don’t want to make it better I want to sit and stew and be angry. Not productive but it’s still something I do. The angry moments and the melancholy feelings I just need alone time so I shut the world out. If this coincides with having to go to work I will usually SH to get through it so I can get home and be alone. Not the best coping mechanism and not one I’d advise, one i’d advise avoiding actually. I also find that baking can help, it’s hands on and something wonderful is created that can grab my senses in multiple ways and then I can share it which also helps, I avoid this when I’m angry though the smallest thing causes me to scrap the product which only adds to the anger.


All of the place. My mind keep racing and going over what I said. Sometimes I feel good and thankful that I have someone to hear me out. Other times I just want to end it all. Most of the time I just go numb but been trying to not go to that which is my usual setting. Deciding what I will and will not talk about. I hate talking about my childhood so I skip over that all the time. I make sure I have it after work cause I would not be in a great mindset if I do it before work. It's hard for me to remember things after a little bit of getting off the phone.