How do you recharge in tough times?


By that I mean maybe you don't have finances so you have to find ways to recharge yourself for free. Or maybe everything is going wrong for a long period of time (like 2020 for many people or maybe in your life personally).
How do you 'recharge' yourself? How do you vent? How do you find strength to keep fighting when it's over a long period of time?

I'm in a situation that is mostly draining all the time, daily. It might be so for a while. And for different reasons my long-term coping habits that I'm used for years, are not as helpful right now. So it's like my energy gets drained all the time regularly, yet gets recharged very little. Which over time creates burnout and constant mental exhaustion. I'm holding onto the knowledge that I've done this before, many times, handled hard times, that it will change, but... But it's getting worse and worse. I need to recharge better. Create better balance, if I don't want to fully burnout by the end of this. I'm sure there are people who can relate.

So let's share as many recharging ideas as possible. Maybe they'll resonate with me, maybe with someone else...


I think this is a great idea.

The way I like to recharge (when my area isn't a frozen tundra) is to go for a walk. We have a nature trail by me with both prairie/marshland and a ton of trees, so it's been great to watch wildlife.

I have a bunch of health problems so as much as it seems weird to "recharge" like this, I attempt to do my PT exercises every day at the same time. It helps me to feel reenergized and like I'm doing something for my health.

I know we're talking about ways to recharge for free, but I have a friend I share an account with for a video streaming service (we split the cost) and it's been nice to have something to veg. in front of. I also watch a ton of YouTube. Tasting History with Max Miller is my NEW favorite show if anyone else out there loves a little history with their food!

I also like to try and reach out to friends in-between therapy sessions, and having a safe co-worker to commiserate with has been a lifesaver.

I currently am super burnt out with my job, but I really am trying to take an effort to do more than just sleep after work. This week was hard, this weekend is to recharge and will be better.

I hope others have other ideas I may be able to try out.


New Here
When it reaches this point, I think it's good to identify things which you enjoy doing - and allow yourself `1-3 days, even a full week, of those activities.

Personally I enjoy leisurely time of discovering new music (and applying this to my own musical instrument practice) and also enjoy general internet browsing, ranging from wikipedia articles, to news, to Reddit etc. Or else it could be just as simple as reading a book. I always wash these down with a cup of tea/coffee and some nice pastries or biscuits.

Going for long walks in local nature is also very nice and refreshing, if you are able to avail of it.

Cooking your favorite meals or learning how to cook new meals is another activity which comes to mind.

You know you and what makes you tick when it comes to interests and satisfaction - what I would say, however, is to listen to your body and mind. You will know if you have re-charged adequately or if an extra day or two is needed.


I come here.
I watch car accidents to sleep.
I make some art.
I meditate.
I read something in the living room while someone is doing something in the kitchen.
I read.
I sleep.

Walks and stuff haven't been great in my area because there isn't much nature. Otherwise I used to love to walk in parks and observing the different species of birds.

Before pandemic I'd go to a nice cheap and small restaurant.

I watch and read the news.

I journal or write poems