How Do You Tell When You Are Doing More Harm Than Good?

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I apologize if the old timers here have answered this a dozen times already. I am not really sure what I am asking much less how to check the archives. Here goes: how do you know when you are pushing yourself in a positive way to overcome the problems caused by PTSD, etc and when it is damaging? I guess my question is from living sort of full bore, four wheeling thru the ruts and mud holes and quick sand of this disorder and just ignoring when I had four flat tires. Now I am trying to accept that I have limitations I didn't notice a conscious life that avoids triggering the crap out of myself and ignoring when I am plungeing into the abyss. But I don't want to give in to it either. Left to my own devices I would probably stay in bed and never leave the house. Every day is a battle to talk myself into going to work or even walking the dogs or pruning in the yard. How do I know if I am just being lazy or it's depression spiralling up? How do I know if forcing myself to stay engaged isn't just more punishing than helpful?

Sorry if these are unanswerable questions. But I could use some insight.
I go through this too. We keep struggling to get past the hard times, no matter how obviously things just aren't going right. This lead me to a nervous breakdown that literally lasted the whole summer. Its hard to know when hell bent determination has crossed over to mindless hypervigilance. This also has affects things on the other end, when you're trying to ease up on yourself a bit but just end up becoming stalled, useless, and lazy.

I know, I know, the middle way. Easier said than done though.
It's hard, I know. All you can do, I think, is know you are putting yourself in the right postition to view your healing clearly. Is my depression because my seratonin levels are off and I can do something about that? Am I seeing the right therapist and do I trust them? If I can't get to a therapist am I exploring all the other options? Am I doing that PTSD 'thing' where I dilike myself so much I'm being too harsh in my self-assessment? There are so many variables involved in this dam thing that it's sometimes tough to be able to see your own situation clearly, I know.

I have to say that because you seem so willing to ask yourself the hard questions, you're probably are not lazy! :) Maybe not even depressed, but overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin. Confusion can creat inertia, not just depression or 'laziness', I think.

I know one must push oneself to overcome some of the obstacles placed in our lives by the PTSD. If you're referring to triggers, just be a little carefull in trying to wham yourself through too much at a time. I'm not a professional so do not know where the proverbial line would be, but there's a difference between desensitizing yourself and retraumatizing yourself. I'm not always clear myself, but do know that you should be as kind to yourself as you would be to someone else. That's not always easy, either. I know.

Please do take care,

I agree with anni...It's all about moving forward, but knowing when to much is too much,(when you get sick) and learning to step back,(until you feel better).......Then facing it once again....
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