How does one set goals in perpetual crisis?

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I feel like I barely got a chance to be better and now here I am. I can keep resetting how I plan things, but some journaling showed me that's not the problem. After a lot of fight I felt like I was on an upswing in the summer finally. Yeah, still in debt and with many things to resolve, but with a stable life with enough work for 4months ahead, good social circle and apartment I liked. After 4years of efforts I was finally so I was going to deal with the rest.

And ever since September it's been 1 thing After another. My computer needing replacement when I have no savings, credit card and I work on it. Huge inflation of everything. Leading to me having to sell my phone, miss meds sometimes and pawn my laptop and struggle working on one falling apart. Taking and returning loans. My friend having tumor. Me being low but unable to work enough to afford health care. My hair thi ning out from stress. Overeating again. But I was going to figure it out and get back on track. Took double my meds which is my dark times dose. Startedto get stable.

Then friend's dog died I front of me and it was super traumatic and I was good support I think, but it affected us all. I started to pull out of that and than bam- the earthquake nearby happened. All people I personally know are safe,but until I learned that it was super traumatic. How do I set goal and plan and reset in the middle of that, how?? I missed so many things busy with all I just described, work opportunities, health and fitness stuff, socializing...

It feels like-putting warning just in case- I was in a carcrash which lead to few more cars crashing into it and just as I was feeling ready to clear the slater and the rubble off the road, a train slammed into the cars. Between the pandemic-war/inflation-earthquakes combo how do I feel safe enough to rebuild my life? And considering that maybe we are in such times and there won't be a better time for this, how do I get it together?
I totally agree with the not giving up part. I'm just resisting the urge to overhaul my planning g system again (once done 3 months ago already and 2 months before that). My life is slip sliding and shape-shifting constantly...and with the digital planning never really working for me, it was nice and neat to keep a bullet journal for at least 4 to 6 months.

The whole empty notebook is supposed to help withthe whole 'you can change at any point' part, but it's not so simple. And I'm struggling, I really am, and I'm 1step away for snapping and overhauling my system for a better one(one should think- I have most of the elements at home, just sort of using traveler's notebook cover, 1 I sent for future planning, bill trackers and yearly things and then for all daily planning an a5 thin notebook(80p. That I can change and adapt to whatever those weeks bring.).

I don't know how to follow up on anything with life as it has been for quite a while... it's barely February and it's already a rough year.

I just feel like I must do things or I'll explode. There is so much happening and I can't keep up.

Agreed about the not giving up. Been in that feeling. Not I it now. Never giving up. Just horribly overwhelmed.
more gentle empathy, seeki. i have become so leery of making plans that i have come to call setting goals, "p-wording." sometimes ya gotta make p-words, buttttttaaaaaa. . . i take great care to act out superstitious gesticulations so as not to offend the powers that be with my p-wording.

thy will be done, big boss in the sky. in you i trust.
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