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How far would you go?

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one of my maintenance meds otherwise known as my migraine rescue meds have been extremely difficult to get for the past 6 months due to supply chain disruptions (manufacturers words not mine). I am currently 45 days past my last refill so 15 days without the meds and I was told by the pharmacist that it would be lucky if they received any supply in before the beginning of the new calendar year.

I contacted the manufacturer and they have found the medication in stock at a pharmacy 230 miles away. This would me transferring the prescription and traveling across the state and back for the sole purpose of picking up the prescription. My doctor and I have been working to find a alternative but thus far after attempts with two new meds and an new migraine specific medical device I am getting minimal if any relief. I am terrified that if my headaches continue as they have without that rescue med or the opportunity to obtain it for two more months I am going to lose all the ground I have recovered since I began treatment with this headache specialist including being able to work full time and not need to utilize every hour of vacation, sick and personal time to cover doctor appointments and migraine days that are so severe I can't get out of bed or deal with light, sounds or smells.

If you had to choose between making a 6 hour round trip to fill a prescription that permits you to function or toughing it out? I am scared that I will be perceived/judged as a addict and that this may further damage my relationship with my doctor. Right now, I could take the day off on Wednesday and pick the medication up but I just struggle with what could be the down side that I am not thinking of at this time.
I would go for it.

Your functioning is the top priority.
You have specialist support that this is a legitimate and severe condition.

Suffering only to preserve a doctor-patient relationship seems counterintuitive.

Make this very abnormal time in our lives the most normal for you that you possibly can.
To me, that’s not a huge distance. I did 4-6hr round tips 4 days a week (winter road conditions) for the better part of a decade, & do 10 hour round trips weekly for therapy...

...and I would STILL give my pharmacy the contact info for the pharmacy the has the drug in stock and ask them if they can get it sent to them...

before I built into my schedule a monthly half day road trip.
...and I would STILL give my pharmacy the contact info for the pharmacy the has the drug in stock
I plan to do that in the morning as they both belong to the same National chain. But if they can’t guarantee they can get it from the other location by end of the day Wednesday then I will have it transferred. Scary thing is I have a meeting after work that I need to zoom in for but the pharmacy is open until Midnight if it got out early enough I could head out after the meeting pick it up before they close and head home
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