General How is everybody doing?

I'm doing horrible, feeling like a zombie.
Doctors say my great-uncle is going to die before cristmas and it is horrible to wait.
I'm enjoying the advent calendar though.


Making the best of things! Almost done shopping and wrapping... my goal is to finish by the time my holiday break from work comes so I can relax and enjoy our low key Christmas this year. I need it after all the stress and Covid-craziness on the job! Vet enjoyed the minimal Thanksgiving... no people but the full menu at home. Hopefully it’s the same for Christmas.

I’m missing the get-togethers. Besides family gatherings, I always go to a huge “Friendsgiving” that we didn’t do this year, and we aren’t doing our Christmas party either. Looks like the work party is nixed as well. I may have to find some drive through lighting displays to make a night of.