How Long Until You Break Your 2022 New Year's Resolution(s)? Post Here When You Do!


Many people make and subsequently break their New Year's Resolution(s). For some it has become a long-standing tradition. So 'fess up! How long did you take to break your resolution?!

(Note: This is supposed to be light-hearted and fun....and not a pessimistic or defeatist kind of thread)


Well, I made a resolution to walk every day on top of my farm chores, but it snowed 10 inches and now we are expecting 20 inches in the next few days. So I can count my farm chores as walking since it is so hard to walk in this snow and I get twice as much exercise as normal, or I can not start until the snow is packed down, or I can say it was a complete and utter fail. I think I will change it to when there is a somewhat clear road I will start. We live on a private road so no one plows.