How much does your therapist charge?


£30/about $43/€35 for approx 1hr .

I’m very lucky. She takes few clients now as an early retirement income . She takes a couple of sliding scale patients and when things have been a bit tight through pandemic she’s offered to reduce fee further but it’s a commitment I make to my health. And if I pay my price others can benefit hopefully. When I see what others pay I always feel very lucky indeed. In U.K. therapists don’t need to be qualified, mine is qualified, a psychologist, and has relevant experience.

Ask about sliding scales if you need help accessing therapy .


But I live in the Netherlands.
Downside to that are the waitinglists, often more than a year. The only way to skip those is by attempting suicide - and surviving it ofcourse.
Russian roulette to get some therapy, pretty sad.


Per session? 😲
Yep. Yep. It’s not that bad, compared to most medical costs. (I was in 7 figures of medical debt, for years, from when my kid got sick. And go into at least 10k of debt, up to a few hundred k of debt, every flu season). Totally privatized healthcare is an SOB.

There ARE still free, proBono, & reduced rate/sliding scale options out there. But they are dependent on the provider &/or benefits of other things. Like Universities have “free” counseling centers for students (if you’re already paying 50k in tuition? Take freaking advantage of that!), and homeless shelters, and various religious groups, etc. Qualifications run the gamut. Like university counseling might be a doctoral student, or an undergrad, or peer counselor, or an actual PhD. A rape crisis group may have fully qualified staff, or random people volunteering with no qualifications whatsoever.

Take what’s useful... and leave the rest? Is probably the single best skill I know of when seeking help.


$190 Canadian per 50 min session. Have some relief with the wife's benefits coverage for about 5 months a year but still... Most of my week to week was toward the end of last year and mostly covered. Usually depending on how I'm doing we usually meet every 2-3 weeks right now.


I have experienced many different rates with the same therapist. Started on insurance: $45 copay for 50 minutes. Then, couldn’t afford the insurance and went on the sliding scale and paid $55. The next year the sliding scale bumped up to $65. Got market place insurance and the copay was $20–but they took away copays due to covid so I pay $0. Then switched insurance and am supposed to pay a $35 copay, but for some reason they say it’s $0. Keeping all of this in mind, my therapist charges $130. The agreement with insurance causes her to receive around $87. Insurance is very expensive ($384-600 a month to get these rates), so I’m actually paying a lot as a whole.


I consider myself extremely fortunate. I pay £30 per hour, but we often go over. I found what I would consider for me, the very best therapist and I am glad that it has been affordable. I needed two sessions a week for a long time, so in reality this journey has cost me well in excess of £10,000. It seems like a shocking amount, but in all honesty I truly believe it is some of the best money I have spent.