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How My Cult Gave Me Ptsd

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This happen in 2007 I was cheated by Mak Jo Shi (Mak Ching Yuen) for installing an ancestral altar costing me CAD17954. I was forced to work for them in their center, they were in control of my time. And would call me several times a day if I dont show up.

At that time they convinced me to install it and was told that I can pay in installment. He would tell me Pay later you are now our student no hurry.

It was all a lie and scam, Mak Jo Shi is a scam, liar, a sex predator and a cheat he will charge client very high fee for service. They know nothing but take advantage of people. His talisman are copied from his collection of taoist book from other authors. Some are created by himself. He is so lazy that when client ask for talisman he will ask student to make talisman.

I was expelled from their organization just because I need more time for myself to think also they begin to find that I'm not able to pay, also I dont take their command. I think the main reason I was expelled, caught Mak Jo Shi having sex with Lau Jo Shi (Co Founder of Chiinnature) I sympathize her as she was a run away child she was barely 17 when she ran away, very unfortunate she went to Mak Jo Shi for shelter and food. As a teenager she had no one that can help her, Mak found her and use her to satisfy his sexual urge. Its not the first time there were having sex in the residential unit. Most student knew but they just choose to ignore it. Most of them are so delusional.

They posted on their website to expel me and also a YouTube video that had my photos on it to embarrass and intimidate me. I attached the letter of expulsion. My employer and friends found these letter I was so depressed at that time I wanted to kill my self.

I'm just so glad I was expel I finally get my life back, they were controlling my daily life. Like all cult they prey on younger members which are more easy to convince. Stay away from this cult.

I had reported them to the Canadian Criminal Intelligence they are watching all their activity. It's just a matter of time they will be shut down for good. Stay away people this is a real cult read about the letter they post about me. On one of the rules 7) Respect Taoism and worship the deities. Tin Yat Lineage does not respect Taoism just see Mak Jo Shi insult and debunk other Taoist out there with his knife demo and read about his posting about Kuan Kong deity, all Taoist worship he condemn this god as he says not worthy same goes for Jesus and Moslem which he says are all evil.

I think Mak Jo Shi breaks most all the rules which he made up. How can we trust this people who lie.

I'm on medication now to treat my PTSD after the ordeal I go through, I still have persistent headache, insomnia and at times felt like throwing up (Vomit), the stress and humiliation I went through was so damaging even after years. I'm taking Zoloft (Insomnia) and Prazosin for my nightmares.
Not open for further replies.