How the Hell do I Deal With This One? Given up Sleeping

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I have given up trying to sleep. The reason being that while I am mentally coping with a pretty shit situation (I'm guessing through dissociation), physically I am not. I cannot relax and this has got to the point where I am in physical pain - mainly the muscles in my legs. I have tried all my usual methods of relaxing/winding down, but I feel ok and calm inmyselfd, but my body is just not playing. It is most weird and clearly not a good sign!
I get like that, I try guided visuials, I don't like them but they help sometimes. I can get most of my body to relax and at times my mind. But my neck, shoulders, and back refuse to let go, they never do. I then start busting out the scented candles. I have one track that isn't helpful as far as guided visuial, but the voice of the lady doing it puts me in an almost trance like state, I use her when I cannot rest. Do you have anything like that? I did a search and downloaded mine for free.

I hope you get some rest, you certainly need it.
Piglet, I am going to point you to the source of your issues. You think your mentally coping, but if that where true, your mind would not be punishing your body, nor your sleep. It is like someone saying they are sleeping, but then in the same breathe saying they haven't slept in days. I would say, your not coping, instead your putting up with what has to be done, not necessarily coping with it.

Piglet, you need to step back, and I know its hard to do, been there done it myself with employment, but you need to step back and have a look at what exactly is happening. If your trying to sleep, yet you are "trying" to sleep, and not letting yourself sleep, that is one issue. If you thinking about all the outcomes and events with work, colleagues, etc, then your not going to be capable of sleeping.

You need to clear you mind, and not think it, but believe it. Huge difference. Believe you can sleep, count sheep until you fall asleep, listen to soft relaxing music, whatever works for you, but you must believe in yourself, and not just think you can sleep, or need sleep, but believe. The difference in though is what changes your minds outcome and control over your sleep. Train the mind, and the mind will be good to you in return.
I've tried sheep, although i may actually go count the real ones in the field shortly! Also had my usually effective relaxing music on all night. Have been for a walk, have cleared my mind, have done the relaxation exercises. I just can't seem to get my body to listen!

Obviously, getting irritated isn't going to help at all either. I feel tired - like I could sleep for a month, but it's just not happening, especially not with the muscle aches. It sucks to have sore muscles when I've not even been out and had fun causing them to be sore!
Have a small amount of diazepam. Hoping this will relax me enough to get to sleep. Not intending to use it to make me sleep, just to take the edge off so I can do the rest myself. Not happy about it, but I'm actually in pain cos my muscles have been tense for so long (and yes, I've tried a hot bath - I just got hot and tense!).
When I cant sleep and I have tried all the usual methods, I will do something to exercise my mind. Reading doesnt do it for me cause I get sidetracked easily. But I will go online and go to a gaming site. I like to play checkers. I go to They have all kinds of games to exercise your mind. After I have found to have done something productive and fun for a while I feel normal again and can usually go to sleep. Just a thought. If your not sleeping anyway, you might as well be doing something fun. :smile:
That's some good advice CD. Thanks. Got about 3.5 hours with the help of the tranks. Better than nothing.
i know how you feel, piglet. sleep is one of my big issues too. i have med to help me sleep, but it seems to not work til the next day. then i want to sleep all day. if you don't mind, i will pray for your sleep as well as mine.
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