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How to cope with steroids?

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On a number of meds for an illness and they are really doing a number on my brain. I *have* to stay on them for two more weeks. Then we plan to start tapering off. Stopping is not an option and I agree with my docs on it.

I’m anxious and irritable and trying to handle it. Anything that helps?
Wish I could offer words of wisdom but all I can say is hang in there. I understand what you are going through and thoughts are with you. Normally I personally would spend more time walking in the woods but as things are now that may not be possible for you.
Sorry you are having to manage emotions on top of physical stuff. When I was on steroids (briefly), I actually found they helped my mood. I was full of energy (of course) which is different from my usual and, though I can see that it could have ramped up my anxiety, it didn't. I was bouncing off the walls, but...LOL

I put my energy into things that would make me super tired. Maybe that would help with your anxiety?
Oh man, I feel your pain. I have the same reaction to steroids. I was on them for an injury because nothing else was working, and had to go off of them because of the mood (I was only 16 at the time...teenage hormones + disabling injury + painkillers + undiagnosed PTSD + steroids? not a fun cocktail) . But I've had to be on a few meds since then that caused mood swings. The biggest thing that's helped me is kinda like radical acceptance. Knowing that the irritation is not *all* me sometimes helps. Lots of coping and self soothing. Taking things slower than usual and trying to just accept that I have to get through it. Making a countdown to when I can get off the medication. Extra meditation time. Also when I'm on medications that make me "up", I find that doing busy tasks sometimes helps (I've had a lot of steroid injections for my injury and Effexor was basically like a upper for me, so had to eventually go off of that too). Working on fun projects that take my mind off of what's going on like art projects, anything more simple and monotonous that won't frustrate me. It's like finding the fine line between distraction and frustration. Hope this helps some!
When things get to a certain level of bad there’s a kind of zen-like or radical acceptance thing that steels over me. Accompanied by a kind of wry/dry amusement. Very much “embrace the suck”.

The hard part? Is when I can feels things APPROACHING that level of bad, I usually try and fight it. It’s this unholy marriage between anger and fear that makes shit miserable. I’ve learned to try and avoid that place... it’s a minefield of triggers and stressors and can f*ck right off. Time to either alter course (if possible, and it’s not if you’ve gotta be on these meds) or push through to where I find this shit funny as hell and am not touched by it.

One of the problems with therapy, IMO? It’s not a magic wand for life. Setting aside defense mechanisms is important sometimes, like when we’re trying to thrash out problems. But other times? They’re damn useful skills to have on board.

I’ve made the mistake of attempting to completely avoid all my coping mechanisms... because I know where those get me, long term. BUT? What I didn’t realize is how f*cking useful they are in the short term. And how f*cked life can get without them, at all. (Not that I do black and white thinking at aaaaaal! :whistling: :banghead: ) Learning when coping mechanisms are appropriate &/or necessary? Has been a bit of an uphill climb from my all or nothing position on them. A 2 week stint? Is exact,y the place to break them out. Now, if you were going to spend the next 2 years, or 2 decades on steroids? That’s when you’d want to work out a new normal / not use coping mechanisms designed for the temporary long term. That’s when life gets f*cked up by them. Just as badly as not using them f*cks up the short term.

My experience, anyway.
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