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How to Deal When You Know Something Is Going To Give You FlashBacks, And You Have To Go To Work After

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So basically, I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow at 9 am.


Dentist visits, the whole putting things in my mouth while I'm laying down, people above me, etc.

Not pleasant for me. I know I'm not going to be okay to some degree when I get out, I mean maybe but I definitely can't Plan on it.

I have work at 1 pm. I love my job (I'm a cake decorator at a grocery store lol) and it can be really great stress reliever but it's gonna be hard to do anything, let alone do work at a job and taking care of customers.

So I'm not sure how much time I'll have, the appointment won't take that long, it's not too physically intense, so


What are some things I can do to calm down and ground myself before work after a triggering experience?

What are some ways to go through an experience you know will be triggering/hard?
oh I relate.
dentist thing too. Added in expecting pain and a man having power over me.
and I had been avoiding some dentist stuff but have recently gone and having some major work done.

what helps me is:
reality check: this is self care, not trauma
messages: something Can be hard, but not traumatic. It can be ok.
thought stopping
Thought blocking
writing down fears and leaving them behind

good luck with it.
Quite frankly, I prepare to call in sick… as in; ‘Hey boss, I’m sorry but my dentist appointment this morning is hitting me harder than I expected. I really need to take the day, and maybe tomorrow.”

As long as I know I can call in if I’m a mess? I don’t worry about work. I know if I’m fine, I’ll go in. If I’m not, I’ll call out.
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