How to explain to friends when you don't return calls

I have I think like one friend left from my younger years that I have not shut out. I feel bad because I haven't returned his calls recently. I'm just in one of those "just making it through and don't want to talk to people". I have opened up before about PTSD, MDD, suicidal thoughts and intentions etc, just surface level but he is aware. I'm feeling guilty for not returning his calls, but I also wasn't in a place to. Also I was in a string of migraines over days and took a new med tht basically put me down for three days, hunt the good stuff it was also 3 days without migraine symptoms. (reyvow/lamsmiditan relatively new, and I had to break my fear of taking it, just another one to add to the mix for serotonin syndrome, and I am fearful of new drugs after attempting suicide after starting gabapentin, but that's for another thread).

Anyways any input would be appreciated. Thanks again for this group.


@Spokesperson brave

I have this issue quite often. Everyone in my life now understands, b/c I have explained it to them. I send an email acknowledging receipt of their phone call, and telling them that I'll respond as soon as I'm able.

When I make a new friend, I explain relatively early that there are times when I am unable to respond secondary to my health. This clear candid approach is best, in my view.

Be well.


I just say it, these days.

Busy / lot going on / too sick to / other reason for not returning calls, thank you dear person for care :happy:, back to you ASAP. :sneaky:

In part bc I figure if they can't respect my health, that's way more fair weather friends than I'd *like* to call anyway, so quick reprioritize...

And in part cause darn useful to keep being able to deal with phones & boundaries safely.

But yah. One of my dearest friends I wasn't able to talk to since the whole covid thing in bout March. All just PTSD crap on my part. But I think as long as we go back, she don't mind.