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How to Prepare For Major Stress So Not To Crash Again?

Discussion in 'General' started by permban0077, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    I am starting to feel better off the Zoloft, a stress I knew was coming. Still mood swings pretty bad, but overall I feel better off now. I expected that stress as I had also on been down the Zoloft withdrawal road before and knew what was coming.

    But still it was/is stressfull still adjusting. I was blindsided my teen's move. That sent me over the edge and I flipped. I don't want it to happen again.

    Current stress and coming all in the next months time...

    Now I am giving up my farm I love. I have to sell and give away a couple hundred animals. All this month. A lot of my work just washed down the drain and a love of mine even though I have not been in the best shape to deal with a the teen boy feeds now, that used to be my favorite, hell even cleaning after them I loved.

    Hubs quitting job for the move today, He made a comment he never knows when I need him and might as well... Thanks for the slap in the face on your way out have a nice day too. He apologized later on the phone saying it was all about his job and them not me and he should not have taken it out on me. Not my fault.

    So soon as he is off I am nailing the shit out of my xanax to get the rest the way off, going to be another round of withdrawals and stress...

    Now my move is about half way across the country. So scared and as it will be a bit of a culture shock (OK, major culture shock) as I have been here all my life as has my teen boy.

    I have to move into a neighborhood... I have 10 acres between me and each of my other neighbors as it is and I feel cramped. I am not going to like this I never liked having people so close to me. Like privacy. Closest neighbor would idealy be at least a mile away. I have always hated neighborhoods as everyone is all up in your business.

    My foods. Things I am accustom to eating will be different, I have been to stores up there they sell nothing reselmbling what we have that is good and tex mex... If I am lucky enough to find a jalepeno it won't have flavor as none are hot, the food is very bland there and the couple times visiting it was all I had to deal with that... But from now on??? Teen son and I both have the food issue going.

    Have to arrange for the new doc. I hope to get all my notes and not looking forward to rehashing all this shit again. Or if I even will. So far all dead ends.

    Have to go to my GP doc and get all our records and find a new family doc I like...

    Pack, I am going to have to start the packing up during Thanksgiving while everyone is gone.

    Deal with hubs over cars. All paid off. But thing is we have 5. His jeep which is a project car that has to be towed, his cedes behind the barn that broke down and he has not fixed, my mini van I drive, his little truck he drives, and my big pick - up but it is being saved for teen son when he drives next year. How in the hell are we going to move them all??? He will be driving a u-haul and a car can be hooked up. I guess I can suck it up and know damn well I will crash and drive my van, but still have my pick-up which I don't want to rid as I have had it since it was brand new and know its every little quirk. But the project car, I don't want to take tha away but if he is honest with himself it has not been touched in years... so why keep it? Cedes I see keeping and we had planned to thinking teen girl maybe. Not now though. It just needs a part and cleaned up from being in the barn a while before I redid my barn.

    And being embarassed in front of his family, last time the saw me was during one of my explosions... So not dying to see them but acknowledge I need the help and money is not cutting it here.

    Just want to know how do I stop a crash and burn and falling on my face? Or do I except it is a lot about to come down the pipe and expect to fall on my ass? If I have to fall on my ass how do I make the landing softer? I don't want to make an ass out of myself in front of his parents again soon as we get there...

    Should be off xanax at the time of the move, just now I have to figure out how much kava is not too much to ease some of the pain of all this. Any ideas?
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  3. JoannaG

    JoannaG Active Member

    Moving cross country, scary but you can do it, little at a time, one day at a time, try not to do too much all at once. Try to think one job at a time,
    Your are so damned hard on yourself. Make lists, that may help, and just do one thing at a time. NO1 being take care of your health, eat three meals not one, sleep, take lots of little breaks during the day when overwhelmed, try not to take your frustrations out on hubs too much either as he is under incredible stress too as I am sure all of you are.
    Don't work too late into the nights, take hot baths before bed, and remember even I can get nice hot jalepeno's and chili's up here in Canada, You don't have to cook like the rest of the state. See if anyone there in Texas has leftover seeds you can take with you and grow your own if you have too.
    Stay strong for yourself and take care.
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Veiled, did you know though that moving scares the shit out of most people, PTSD or not. This is a normal reaction, normal feelings, when your moving out of your known comfort zone into unknown teritory. It is ok to have these feelings and increased anxiety, because regardless of PTSD, everyone gets increased anxiety and stress when they move to an unknown. Everything is new, unfamiliar and so forth. Your husband would actually feel quite similar, though some is familiar to him with his family their and him obviously living their before. If you moved to a place where both where totally unfamiliar, then both would generally feel the same, showing it or not. Before I even had PTSD, I had butterflys, anxiety and stress when being posted somewhere new, knowing nobody, nothing familiar, not even where I was going to live. It generally takes a few weeks to settle and feel comfortable in a new location, a new life as such.

    Don't beat yourself up thinking its all PTSD, because this isn't. In fact, the only aspect that PTSD is involved here is an excess rise in normal symptoms that happen to coincide with PTSD. Think of it more like an adventure. Think about the support and how much more ease your going to have. When things get tough, family there to support and help you. Take the kids for a night and give you both a break, and the list goes on. Your moving near family, and that is a bonus. I wouldn't mind being near either mine or kerrie's family, because it would certainly give us some much needed air to breathe at times, as we have no support within 1000 kilometres of us.
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