How to stop obsessing over thoughts?


I have been dealing with severe anxiety for a couple years now and about a year ago i started to deal with dpd.

I thought i was getting better which i am i actually leave the house again but i cant stop obsessing over my thoughts.

I know it sounds insane but i get scared that I'll go crazy.If i watch a show or a movie from when i was younger i freak out that I'll think im somewhere else and not where i really am even though thats never happened.when i drive i literally go through the directions in my head the whole ride to make sure i dont forget where i am even though i always know where i am.I haven't lost touch with reality so im not sure why this is such a big fear now.I also tell myself everyday what my address is and who everyone is around me to reassure myself that im not crazy.

My concern though is i am actually making myself worse bu instantly stressing myself out Its like im im a constant battle with myself from the time i wake up until the time i go to sleeep.

I do see a therapist and i am on meds for anxiety but at this point i think im doing this to myself.

Is there any tips or ways i could teach myself to not obsess without having to tell myself a thousand times to not obsess?


I too have a 'busy brain' that can take me to the most unbelievable places. Thought of things that will never happen even in the worst-case scenario. I do understand.

I have had to learn new ways to distract my mind into something that is not related to what I am anxious about. There are some very simple things you can do to distract your brain from whirling all the time.

One thing, remind myself of where I am in that moment. Take time to look around the room, and really LOOK at things. Look at the different colors and textures.

One of my favorites is to outline shapes and figures with my eyes. Say the kitchen cabinets. With my eyes as if I was drawing the cabinets. Look at the lines and take the time to 'outline' them with my eyes. Do it slowly so it takes my brain energy to see the lines.

I can do this with the leaves on plants. Anything that you see has an outline. Slowly look at it and before you know it your brain has slowed down.

Of course 'breathing'. That is stressed here on the forum a thousand times a day. Pay attention if you are taking small jerky breaths or are you really filling your lungs and letting the air out slowly. This one is very important to all of us that have busy brains for whatever reason.

I do Zentangle. Google it. It is a never-ending way to get your brain to calm down and follow the lines you are drawing. You do not have to be artistic in any way to do this one. Google it. You might find this one not only a good distraction but make something beautiful in the process.

If I am out and about and anxious, I try to pay attention to where I am walking. Taking deliberate steps to get from one point to another. Find ways to make my brain see that I am safe and ok.

Find a hobby that takes concentration. Even if it's hard at the beginning, your mind will slow down to learn.

Distraction. In whatever form it takes for you personally. I'm sure others will reply with things I never thought of. Once my brains slow down my anxiety is manageable.

Ask your T for suggestions too. Hope others reply to give you more to choose from.

Invisible Fire

Thank you @ladee i had not heard of zentangle but I am reading about it.

I can relate to your post @Kaylove498. I also worry that I am crazy or going crazy. My baseline anxiety normally runs high and it is hard when things get more ramped up. For me, similar to what had been said, I have to find ways of keeping my minds busy. Also, getting outside is important. Going for walks, sitting in the sun or just watching the sky. Anything that brings that I’m ok feeling. Being sure I am eating and some days at least drinking water.

My concern though is i am actually making myself worse bu instantly stressing myself out Its like im im a constant battle with myself from the time i wake up until the time i go to sleeep.

I relate with this a lot. I know I am making myself worse and it is a constant battle. Frustrating and exhausting. I hope you are able to find some grounding techniques that work for you.