How To Use The Quote Function Correctly

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There is a newer version of how to quote: Quoting

Quoting is a very useful feature. With it, you can respond to a specific part of any post. Our quote feature automatically ‘tags’ the poster you are quoting – and, it even supplies a way to go quickly to the originating (full) post.

We have a number of different ways to quote.

Using Reply
Reply is useful when you want to respond to an entire post by someone else. When you hit ‘reply’, you will automatically be given a tag and the first 150 characters of the post you are replying to. The advantage: it identifies which post (and poster) you are responding to. The disadvantage: it’s very general. Also, if the post you are responding to is less than 140 characters total, you may be warned for quoting a full post.

Highlight to quote
You can highlight the specific portion of a post that you want to quote. Do this by dragging your cursor (or finger, depending on your device) over the text you want. After you’ve highlighted, you’ll see two options: +quote (multi-quote) or reply.
  • Highlighted Reply: Hitting reply will immediately place the highlighted text into the response box for the thread you are on, complete with poster tag and quote formatting. You can repeat the highlight and reply process as many times as you’d like, and across multiple posts in a single thread.
  • Highlighted Multi-Quote: Hitting +quote will place the highlighted text on a clipboard for you to access later. You won’t see the clipboard, only the indicator ‘message added to multi-quote’.

Multi-quote from highlight:
When you use multi-quote from highlight, as indicated above, your selection goes onto a clipboard. You can do this multiple times in a single post, multiple posts in a thread, or multiple threads across the site.
  1. When you are ready to create your reply, you’ll see a button to the lower left of the reply box: ‘Insert quotes’. Click on it, and you’ll see your clipboard.
  2. Drag the messages to arrange them how you’d like; or, choose to remove some of them, using the ‘remove’ button to the R of the clipboard.
  3. After you click ‘insert quotes’, they will all appear in your reply box, ready for you to make comments in-between them, or above them, or at the bottom, however you’d like.
Multi-quote from post:
When you select ‘multi-quote’ (+quote) from the bottom of a post without highlighting a selection, you will automatically be given the entire post, as a quote, onto the clipboard. You can then follow steps 1-3, above.
The advantage: you can then edit the post, however much or little of it you’d like to use. For people on touch-screens, this can be easier than attempting to quote from highlight. The disadvantage: you have to do a manual edit, otherwise you will be quoting an entire post, which is against the rules.

When you want to reply to a specific member, but don’t need to quote any of their posts in particular, then you can ‘tag’ them. First, type the ‘at’ sign, as @. Then, start typing the member’s name. Do not leave a space between the @ and the name. After three characters, a menu of possible member names will drop down and you can select the one you want. Or, you can simply type the whole name – either way will work. When you post your reply, the member’s name will appear in blue, and they will be notified that they were tagged in a post – as long as their notifications are on.

Manual quotes, or editing quotes.
This site uses BB code for formatting. If you would like to create a quote box manually type [quote] at the beginning of the area you wish to format, and then [/quote] at the end. This is useful when you are quoting from a different document or website, and want to be clear that you are quoting, not using your own words.

The Link Removed is a wonderful place to practice your quoting skills: pick a thread that's already there, and start quoting. It's OK to make mistakes - that's what that forum is there for. When you have questions, raise a help ticket.

And please remember: quoting an entire post is a rule infraction and will result in a 10 point warning. A person is temporarily banned after accumulating 100 points. The warning points expire one month after date of issue.

Here are some images, reflecting the different quoting methods, for your reference.
Quote Infographic 1.jpgQuote Infographic 2.jpgQuote infographic 3.jpgtagging before and after.jpg
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