How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

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Confused because all the things in my head.

I went to Walgreens to pick up cat food (I shop there so I dont have to go to a big store like Target or Walmart) and they rearranged the isles for the holiday season. The cat food was not in the regular place, lots of people and I couldn't find it so I left very quickly. The lady at the counter even asked if she could help me find something, I just said no while looking at the ground and continued out the door.

When I'm in most need of communicating. I simply cannot do it. It's Always been this way! Have attempted all day long and I've been met with my inability to do so, .....all day long.

So, how's my day. I'm Lost!

Today, is just one heck'a'va day filled with what feels like fearful of everything, every possibility and anxiety/depression and doom.
It was a rough week, my little doggy got brain damage last week.
She's 12 years old and the vet said the outlook was bad.
Doggy had no use of her back legs.
Spent 11 hour shifts just sitting on the floor in the ICU area holding her every day.
Finally took her home last Wednesday after she stopped improving.
She is such a tough little thing, been there for me when I wasn't well, and I just couldn`t give up on her.

Amazingly, after getting her home she perked right up. Is now walking, eating, using the bathroom outside, and has her little personality back.
The damage to her cerebellum `causes her to wobble and sway (little balance)
As far as she`s concerned, she`s fine.
I`m just thrilled!!!
And amazed at how her willpower healed her!!!
I got my Christmas Miracle early

Maybe I`ll just change her name to "my 'lil drunk' LOL

I know it's been awhile since I've been online,
and I'm so happy to see this thread continued!!!

Remember to take care of yourself!!!
No Problem at all Morgan :)
Today we went to the vet to get the tubes taken out.
I bet that feels so much better for her.

Lost track of time today... sat down at the laptop @ 6PM,
and I just looked up to see it's now 1:22AM... ughhh.
Told sis of abuse....she was nonchalant. now i'm kind of numb..and I don't know, day hasn't been overally bad just kind of there.
Didn't go to work last night...
(i just started working part-time at a bar, Dr.'s suggestion to find a job)

Normally my job is to stand there and sell beer from a beertub,
but they wanted me to walk around selling shooters.
For some reason the thought of being around that many people,
make me sick to my stomach
just couldn't bring myself to call my boss,
so I sent a text message.

Without my caller ID working last night...
every ring of the phone sent me into panic,
imagining a furious boss ready to yell at me.
I felt like a little kid.
And pretty much acted like one too.

So... I have to work tonight.

Even though I'd be at my beertub as usual
I've debated calling in sick again,
for fear of an angry boss
but I need to deal with my problem, not run!!!
Oh it's so hard not to run sometimes.

I've got 3 hours to gather myself, get ready, and get there.
Well, I'm home from work :) Yay Me!

Even though the night seemed to drag on f-o-r-e-v-e-r...
I made it through the night... sober!

I'm excited for Monday, as it's our work Christmas party.
The owners of our club just opened this (supposedly) wicked and trendy restaurant downtown.
Start the party there, then limo to another nightclub.
This is a big reason I went to work tonight, lol
it'd be weird not showing up 2 nights in a row,
then showing up for the party!

This is going to be the biggest event I've been to since my accident,
and I don't want to miss it!
It's the perfect place to work on my goals,
and prove to myself just how far I've come :)

The only scary part is that my boyfriend can't come to the first place,
as we are getting free food and drinks,
and they can only accommodate so many people!

I am fully aware that drinking is not a good idea... and I'm not promoting it
but I'm definitely planning on drinking beforehand
it'll let me relax a bit, so I'm not so nervous, and quiet.
I'm telling you all this because I don't feel the need to lie,
and if my doc asks, I'll tell him the same thing.
tsk tsk on me... but I doubt I could show up without having a drink or two.
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