How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

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It is only 8:44, but so far my day has been great. I have had coffee and conversation and am feeling well.
The night before last I suffered flashbacks terribly. Last night was better and today I enjoyed much of the day. Now, my husband, kids and I are about to watch Wall-E.
It is 11:05 pm Christmas Eve and I am wiped-out. Our entire families traditional Christmas Eve party was here again this yr., and thank heavens is now over, for the evening.

I opened my eyes and throughout this day, rose to as many preparations and needs imaginable, one after the next.

The celebration had it's highlights but it had it's downfalls as well.

My daughter, fell suddenly sick beginning at the opening of her presents. I feel terribly dissappointed for her, as she expressed her dissappointed to me. She was disappointed not for not feeling well enough to open her presents, rather more disappointed, I imagine, that she waited throughout the day to celebrate with her brother and all the family, but by the time many had arrived she was too ill and tired to celebrate.

I don't want to say anymore, bc she is now feeling very ill, asleep and we're hoping Santa will survive long enough to arrive here at home. Our son is excited. Our daughter is too ill to care having vomited twice, and husband and I exhausted!

I feel sad for our kids and I'm overwhelmed!
That is unfortunate about your daughter... I hope she feels better tomorrow.

I didn't think about it until now,
but I guess I forced Christmas to be 'over' as soon as I could,

Visited the in-laws today, and told them we wouldn't be coming over for breakfast (their tradition) early Christmas day.
And therefore they had to wait until we came for Turkey supper later in the day to open the gifts from us.
So we agreed all agreed me and my boyfriend would open our gifts there tonight,
and they would only open the gifts from us, leaving the rest for the morning.
That way we could still thank the person that gave us the present.

Needless to say, all the gifts got opened tonight. LOL
We came back home and waited until 12:01AM to open the gifts my family had dropped off.
I called them at 12:15AM to thank them
(they always go to midnight mass at the church)
And wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

It's now 1:13AM, all the gifts have been opened,
we've already got yummy holiday cookies and leftovers,
and the next step is to take all the decorations down.

I'm so thankful it's all over, (the cards, decorating, wrapping, shopping, opening)
and all that's left is Turkey dinner tomorrow night :)

Merry Christmas everyone :)

P.S. - Oh and was I impressed with the gift my giant dog left for me.
While I was gone, he must of felt sick.
As I was greeted by an enormous turd in my living room. :(
Merry Christmas to me.
Thanks Y&A, my daughter didn't feel well this morning, but about noontime she was feeling better; Not entirely herself yet, but better. All Good!


My mother is over today as of this afternoon. She's ate supper with us and has just now gone and laid down to get some sleep; Finally! Hope she falls fast asleep soon, as I am feeling exhausted, internally nervous yet emotionally numb all simultaneously, if that's possible.

In reality I know it's not only possible, but perfectly understandable!
Worst nightmare last night and woke up panicked, crying and shaking this morning. So so far rough start. But I am hoping that i gets better!
As much as I look forward to time off from work and long weekends, it really throws my whole scheduled out of whack and I end up hoping for work to start again on Monday. One extra day is usually enough.

I feel like I should be going back to work tomorrow and I have two more days off. I'm just totally off schedule. I don't like that feeling.

It's like everyday just kept me on my toes and exhausted me more.
Add that to the lack of sleep (my in-laws insisted on early lunches EVERYDAY!!!, and I work nights. etc.)

I had to steam clean the carpet after my dog left his present on it.
So that took up a day.
Our gifts still sit opened under our tree.
I just don't have the energy to put it all away.
(sounds horrible I know)

Now it's 4AMish and I have been informed that mom-in-law is expecting me to go for breakfast @ 7 or 8AM!!!
Then, I have to work again tonight.
I was supposed to have Sunday to get things done,
but my boss asked if I would work that night instead... and of course I said yes.

So I guess I'm in the same boat as you Marlene,
we both can't wait for Monday... for opposite reasons, lol.

I swear I wish I had a 'pause' button,
so I could keep up with life.
Am struggling...first day of the new year just ending now...headachey.
I am worried about tomorrow -have maybe a meeting
And next week (maybe) start new treatment with new psychologist
I can't imagine not being like this anymore...
just been trying for so long....but am still trying to be positive
Sorry about the capitals thing in the intro I wrote...did try to message but I dont know how yet.
oh... and I say "maybe" up there not because I might not go...but because they might not!! Hope they do tho'
I could kick myself I think I pressed the wrong thing...was hoping to check and read it first before attempting to apologies again if not quite right.
I am feeling greatful to be spending New Years Day without a hangover, and starting to feel hopeful about life getting better. Kind of a silly, Pollyanna sort of feeling, but that's the way it is today.
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