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Hurting right now - mistreated by family, waiting on low income housing

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by WhiteHatGirl, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. WhiteHatGirl

    WhiteHatGirl Active Member

    I am unable to fully escape exposure to my family of origin with issues over need for survival/poverty.
    I am struggling a lot and went through a lot if mistreatment un shelters over the past few years as well. I am really frustrated today. My sibling doessn't seem to care if I get my SsI and Ssdi application in. Do I grovel? I just wanted to stay maybe another 9 days and borrow their computer so no hackers get my personal information if I had to complete the applications at the public library. All I can do is pray for a nice person to let me stay with them and clean, cook or make art, decorate for rent. This is a crazy situation I think. I have two bachelors degrees and health issues totally holding me back. I am just so tired of being hurt by my family. I want to not ever need any kind of help from them again. If I get a low income apartment soon, I will barely speak to them It is just too hard being in their lives. I now realize the description for what they do is covett abuse, and I think it is likely also definable as a type of narcisstic gaslighting. I don't hurt them. And they hury my other sibling the very same way in the past. I know it is not just me over reacting..... I hate even being dependent on them for. Even a couple of weeks for housing. I keep feeling like they have punched me in the stomach.
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