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Husband Has PTSD - Veteran Self Medicating

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by KateR, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. KateR

    KateR New Member

    Hi. My name is Kate and my husband has PTSD (at least he has most of the symptoms of chronic PTSD). He is a veteran. I am wondering if any other spouses of those suffering from PTSD can give me some advice. My husband has reached a precipice...he knows he needs help but seems to be afraid of taking that final step to help himself. Our marriage is hanging on by a thread...he has been self-medicating for nearly 2 1/2 years...pain pills first then crack cocaine. He seems to have reverted back to pills only. I feel so stressed out and fearful when he leaves the house. He has been back home for just 2 weeks now (he chose living in the streets rather than being at home...part of the deal, I know). We currently have a mutual friend (and chronic PTSD sufferer) staying with us and that seems to be helping. I am wondering how to encourage my husband to seek out treatment without seeming like a "nag". He sometimes reacts angrily when I speak to him about seeking out help.

    Anyway, I am hoping that hope is not dead. I too must be standing on a precipice...do I stay or do I go?
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  3. porkyrees

    porkyrees Member

    Kate if your husband is a vet he is able to access all types of treatment but he has to accept his problem first and want to seek help.If the relationship has turned violent which does happen in a lot of cases I would advise to get away unless he agrees to seek help.I speak from 30yrs experience as a sufferer of PTSD.I am a male and have gone through two marriages and I was one that didnt seek help untill it was too late.Regards Porky Rees.
  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    hey, kate, welcome to the forum. hope things work out for you. there is a spouse's section here, where you might find some help form others in the same situation.
  5. vcc123

    vcc123 Active Member


    Welcome to the forum.. I am a PTSD sufferer. I had my husband come onto the forum also, hoping he would learn more and understand me better. You're in a tough position, its hard to have a partner with PTSD. I know I'm miserable to live with sometimes, my husband is so patient and understanding. (Sometimes I feel like I dont deserve it) Thank you for coming to this forum and wanting to help your hubby. There are alot of great people here that can benefit you both. Good luck.
  6. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Kate,

    Welcome to the forum. My suggestion would be to have a read of this document: [DLMURL]http://www.ptsdforum.org/attachments/forum9/114d1166631142-understanding-ptsd.pdf[/DLMURL] then see what you can understand from it, then give it to you husband so maybe he can understand what is going on inside him, or even read it with him, so he does read it... both need to understand what goes on, but more importantly he must, and he must accept that he is ill, he must move out of denial, know what is destructive, and want to work towards change.
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