I’m a robot or, life is a big long painful re enactment. This is free will?


This has been on my mind a lot. Stop acting like that. I’m asking for what I’m getting, then complain I don’t like it. It’s subconscious. Like animals, mechanically sniffing and responding to hormonal urges and medication to escape it. Does trauma hard wire us? Are we a mechanique?


It seems like you are in a tight place and I truly hope you feel better and stronger. However, I really could not help but be triggered to remember a french author whom I find his ideas very much similar to the thought of "Are we mechanique?" question and if you read some of his stuff, hope you find it nurturing cause trauma is trauma a bitchy state but also surprisingly sometimes awakening state.

Jean Baudrillard talks about how representational and symbolic we become from the original of what we could...I am not doing justice translating and intrepreting but he has few out of the tangent for trauma ideas that I find quite enlightenment.


Does trauma hard wire us? Are we a mechanique?
I think this is why they keep talking about mindfulness for us. Yes, I think it does make us mechanical in nature. Always seeking safety. Never actually having free will because we were programmed (especially developmental trauma types) to protect ourselves. I have found that the more I am able to make clear choices for myself and mindfully throw off old 'programs' that I was forced to incorporate as a child, the more autonomous I feel/act.

Through my own experiences, I am positive we are not cursed with this forever. We can bust through it for sure.