I’m frustrated with my therapist and I want to quit.


I vote find a better T! Perhaps you could think of how exposure therapy helps in doses. A better fit T will be a huge relief to you. This current T is adding grief to a place you are actively trying to heal.

So glad you're here !
I recently cut ties with a therapist who wasn’t working for me after putting up with her for a year because I felt stuck and didn’t know how to end things without “hurting her feelings”. In the end I remembered that it’s not about her feelings, it’s about mine, and what I’m getting out of the relationship. I’m now starting a new relationship with a much better therapist who I feel relieved instead of dread to see every week, and it’s such a good feeling. I do hope you’re able to get out and find someone better, you deserve to have someone who respects and listens to you.