Sufferer I’m having a lot of struggles with my relationships & self loathing.


Hi, Becky. Welcome to the site. I'm sorry about your struggles and what brings you here, and I wish you healing.

There are a lot of different pieces of the site. What you find useful will depend on what you want!
-social posts: sharing art or photos, or just chatting
-trauma diaries: starting one of these can be a good place to vent or work things out yourself or get support and advice
-support: helping us understand that we are not alone in our PTSD, having a virtual shoulder to cry on, celebrating accomplishments

If PTSD is a new diagnosis for you, try the ARTICLES tab to start.

When I started, I would click on the main FORUMS tab, and browse through the sections that I felt comfortable with. Looking through the posts under WHAT'S NEW also gave me an idea of what sections were most active and how others used the site.

If you scroll to the very bottom of each page, you'll see a link to Community Constitution, which lays out expectations of members.


Welcome to the forum!

I’m having a lot of struggles with my relationships & self loathing.
If there's particular issues you're struggling with at the moment, perhaps go ahead and start a new thread on the issue, so that you can get some input from folks who have dealt with (or are struggling with) the same thing:)

The New Member Help Page is a super quick read that gives a few hints on how to use the forum effectively.

Again, welcome! Hope the place is helpful with your recovery.


Welcome! I have found so much support, caring and love here. I hope you find the same. I posted accross several threads for a bit, then I started a members diary to start proceeding my traumas, which serves for me as exposure therapy. I keep up with and post in several other's diaries as well, but caution you to take that slowly at a careful pace if you choose to do the same. It is very worthwhile but also it gives you insight into others's traumas that can be and are heartwrenching, can be triggering, and can open pandora's box for your own trauma as well (which for me has been good as it sort of forced me to get 'unstuck' in areas my T has not been able to help me get to).

I wish you well on your recovery journey.


New Here
Good morning everyone! I’m new to this site & wonder if new and/or old members have advice to getting the best use of this. I’m having a lot of struggles with my relationships & self loathing. Thanks I’m advance for your advice!
New too, just wanted to say hi. When I’m told to hug myself or talk to myself lovingly in the mirror I have a viscerally bad reaction. I try to talk to myself like I talk to my dog or son. It doesn’t work perfectly at all, and I feel so silly but it’s got to be better then trashing myself.