I’ve gotten too ambitious & bitten off more than I can chew 😢😔


I started working part time about 2 months ago. In a doctors office. Very busy.

Was great for me. But lately I’ve been thinking more & more about quitting. I just can’t. I’m holding on with my bare knuckles.

There’s also been other big stressors going on. I’m only holding on so I can get the f#%k out if the city & away from living with my mom who’s horrible for me.

My nephew’s getting married next week and I’m seriously considering not going. Too much crazy family. But breaks my heart bc I’ve been his second mother since he was born.

Finally restarted therapy & that’s good. But oh, SO HARD. I forgot how hard it was because I haven’t seen one in around two years… Talking about this crap again just isn’t fun.

feel like I’m falling apart but that it seems like I have it so put together from the outside… Even more than usual because of the whole job and stuff.

As I type this I’m having a panic attack.

I left work for breather and this is what I’m doing on my break… Yippee