I am getting ready to go in and rescue my "inner child".

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Getting ready to change the narratives of my flash backs. The idea? Adult me goes back in time to fix mistakes that were made at the time. I.E. When the detectives ask questions we don't go mute anymore...we use our voice....anyone done something like this in therapy before? I hope it works. Seems like it might be empowering. My therapist suggested something like this.
I've played out a million alternate realities in my head. Mainly the "I get rescued by an amazing family that makes me their own" one. Though how that happens and what happens changes but same theme. I've done that on my own though. Not part of therapy. I have a vivid imagination. I do it nightly to help me (and my inner child) to feel safe enough to go to sleep. I wonder how doing it in a therapy athmosphere will differ and help. I'm curious now! Advise is will ya?
Actually my therapist says it is more of an on your own tool. I just hadn't gotten creative with it or even been too fragmented to try/understand it up to this point. I am going to discuss the narrative with her though. I will let you know how it goes.
When I was having basic CBT they got me to do an exercise where I imagined one of my traumatic experiences. Then remained it but this time I got to go back as me as I am now and do want I wanted to help me as I was then. Is this the sort of thing you'e going to do?

I think it helped me. Though I'm sure it's something I could do a good deal more.
In Internal Family Systems there is a thing where this is the ultimate goal, but you kind of have to get your entire self on board with it first, as there is probably a lot of "emotion" embodied in that inner child. You must feel safe with your therapist to do that. I don't. Best Wishes. Please let us know how it goes!
Internal Family Systems

From what I've researched, this is for those with DID. But I'm wondering about this kind of thing for those of us that don't have DID but do have an inner child that still holds all of the trauma and the emotions and fears. Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?

@trying2movefwd, my appolpgies if you have DID. I don't remember if you do or not and also my appologies for taking over your thread. I'm not meaning to. Just super curious about this type of inner child work.
This type of therapy for me, is like neuroplasticity, NLP and shamanism wrapped together. I use it all the time - on myself and am actually teaching my therapist how I do it. I can convince my brain that I got out of a dreadful situation in an empowered way (neuroplasticity). The challenge I face at times when setting the stage for this when I am dealing with something, is knowing what an empowered outcome actually IS because I was so convinced throughout the event that there was and never would be any way out.

A big part of this technique is being able to visualize. To feel the empowerment all through my cells when I conjure up my newfound 'better scenario'. And yes, it is never someone else who rescues me. That would lead to codependency. No interest in that at all. It must be me that takes the reins in releasing myself from the event.

And insofar as DID goes? People use this type of thing all the time. You don't need to be DID. There doesn't need to be pathological behaviour. This tool is used by visionaries, people who run companies use this strategy to project future growth. This is simply a strategy to rewire the circuits of the brain to get out of a helpless, hopeless 'loop' that doesn't serve one well. Good for your therapist for suggesting this. s For myself, it has worked like a charm. It has gotten me 'way weller' and I have to admit I use this strategy every single day to help me blast through the fallout of the victimization that has been gifted to me in times past.
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