Dom Violence I am picking up on my triggers


Lately I'm beginning to pick up on my triggers. Most of it has to do relating with my ex and the things he loved to do to me. I remember as I was with him, he would always put his hand on my butt, all the time. It became almost bothersome after awhile because he would be right near me, like following me and I was not able to have any breathing room at all. Felt suffocated by him and this is something he constantly always did. Even when I told him that it bothered me, he did it anyways or even did it more to me knowing that it bothered me. This is one thing that bothers me now and I am picking up on it.


It is positive that you have identified this now and pieced together what triggered you back then. It is also very positive that he is an ex and this is not a current relationship. Hopefully you can take this time to heal and process it all perhaps in therapy. Sounds like your ex was overbearing and that having your personal space now is so important. I am glad you can breathe again and own your personal space and your body as well.