I Am So Sad

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Sara Belle

I feel so sad and angry. Why did he beat me and manipulate me my whole life?

I am so broken and hurt. I am so sad. He put me on the floor and kicked me in the head with his shoes. I live with this pain every day. I am suffering.

He gave me so much anger and hurt.

Please talk to me. I need support.

Why did this happen to me?

Sara Belle
because he is a bad person and he is broken. I too grew up being abused and it is hard to not believe it is all my fault or all about me. It isn't though, they are the ****ed up ones.

Be upset, greive, beat the shit out of him in your head, change it, when he is beating you turn around and say what you wanted to and hit him back and run, do whatever you want but don't be his victim anymore.
You are right. Thank you so much. I am so mad. I am a good person and deserved a childhood!

He is too sick to face reality and to face how much he has hurt me but I am going to grieve and heal!
Sara Belle,

You are the stronger one here. Mon is right--he is broken. He was/is the weak and pathetic one. He used his power to frighten, coerce and dominate because he was a coward and a bully with no self-control and no compassion. You use your power to heal, express compassion and rise above one day.

Be smug and justifiably so because you hold the power now and can choose to be gracious to him IF you want and you can also pity him from your superior role as a human being because you are full of grace, sensitivity and empathy--things he will never know or understand. You can choose to move forward and leave him stuck in the cesspool he lives in. In a spirit of healing I wish you courage.

Wow Gina, thank you so much for your reply.

I just want to be ok already! Living in a war zone for literally twenty years of my life and being out of it for just six months is really tough. There are so many learned behaviors that I have to unlearn, like blowing up when I'm upset and things like that. I am hoping to improve. Thank you.

Sara Belle
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