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I Am Taking Steps To Go Back To School

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I have been thinking about going back to school for awhile now. Today I took the first steps by ordering a few review books for classes I have already taken. (Yay for Amazon same day delivery!) I have already taken quite a few math classes, and want to build upon that, but don’t feel the need to take them all over again. I also want to try coding as I failed at it the first time I tried (the teacher wasn’t very good IMO). So, I found a book aimed at teaching middle schoolers how to code. I figure if that book can’t help me, it’s a lost cause, lol.

Math is something that I can do when dissociated as it can bring me out of it, which I cannot say for much else. I am hoping this leads somewhere but if not, then I can always choose another path.

go you. do that do.

i still don't have the core classes for a degree but i have several degrees worth of college credit just 'cause i like learning so much. it's a good day when i learn something. my tendency is to pick a subject and pursue it with a focused passion. history's fascinating and i research bits of it almost daily, but please don't ask me to let it distract me from learning spanish, web design or whatever my passion of the era is.

i can't remember the last class i took where i was younger than the profie. i don't care how old you are, profie. ya knows things i don't.
I love math too!

Math is something that I can do when dissociated as it can bring me out of it, which I cannot say for much else
Fascinating! Never thought about it but I like your perspective! Maybe that’s why I enjoy teaching math because it’s using a different part of my brain than when I do lecture and project style classes, where I have to be “on” in a different way.
My books arrived today, a day late, so I complained to Amazon and got a $10 credit!

They are really basic math type skills, middle school level, but that’s ok as I want to refresh from the bottom up. Hopefully I can work through these books fairly quickly and then order the next level.

Thank you all for the support! ❤️
My goal is to work through 30-50 problems a day, which is a bit more actually as some have multiple problems in them. It’s a workout for my mind trying to remember how to do all these math problems, but still fun. I’m actually looking forward to the next books I’m going to buy as I love geometry and trigonometry, even calculus. My struggles came at higher levels, so we’ll see what class level I end up deciding to take. My goal is to go back to school by the fall, for one or two classes.
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