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I can’t go back to the place where it happened.

Discussion in 'Sexual Assault' started by Lexi, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Lexi

    Lexi Guest

    Recently I’ve been hanging with friends more than usual because it’s nice out, and they all like going to the huge mall we have, but I can’t tell them I don’t want to go back. I was followed into the singular family bathroom on one of the levels and was assulted, and they never found the man who did this to me. Is it maybe because I’m scared of seeing him again?

    How did any of you heal and go back to the place that it happened? How do you deal with reoccurring feelings? I just feel so alone with this..
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  3. Friday

    Friday Raise Hell Moderator

    Avoidance is a symptom of PTSD.

    Avoidance never works long term, and it’s something we have to deliberately work on / usually come at a few different ways (trauma processing, symptom management, etc.) ... so it’s not just like, stop doing that, most of the time. (If you can just stop doing that with something? Awesome! One less thing. But expect there to be quite a bit more involved with most things.)

    So, rather than being alone, it’s something you share with everyone else who’s been dx’d with PTSD.
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  4. littleoc

    littleoc Making everywhere I go a better place Premium Member Donated

    I agree with @Friday

    I can’t go into the house where I was assaulted. I brought a missing dog to that front yard years later, when a different family was living there, and got extremely uncomfortable, to say the least. When I see that little girl who’s living there go into the house, I get physically ill, although this has gotten better. I’ve now gotten to the point where I accept that people live in that house and it’s okay. I had originally planned to buy the place, tear it down, and build a playground dedicated to abused or kidnapped children, but my little brother told me that was an unrealistic goal. I eventually realized he was right.

    You absolutely aren’t alone. I’m so sorry they haven’t found him, but your reaction is normal. With treatment, you can overcome it. It won’t be like this forever

    Take care :hug:
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