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I Cannot Believe It - This Place Speaks How I Feel

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I have been reading various e-mails on this site and I cannot believe it. You all have been writing things that I have been internalizing for YEARS. I cannot tell you how it makes me feel, just amazed.

I am not crazy. So thank you for whoever put this together.

Zamboni said:
So thank you for whoever put this together.


That would be [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/members/anthony.html"]Anthony[/DLMURL]

Take care, :)
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Isn't it amazing? I have only been around here for a couple weeks and I have to tell you, it's one of the most soothing things I've come across in a long time.

What a sense of relief I got when I realized that I was NOT crazy and that there was hope for me yet. Reading other's posts I immediately recognized things I do and I'm beginning to understand why I do it. It is very comforting to me because I can relate to so much of what is said here.

We're all here because we've been affected by PTSD in one way or another. Most of us are survivors of it, still in some form of therapy, but some of us are spouses or friends of one with PTSD and also have been affected by it through their loved one. We're here to help each other through it.

As they sang in the Cheers theme song, it's a place where everybody knows your name...and what you're going through.

Oh Kim...

Now that darn song is stuck in my head, lol

but I only know the opening line...
...so it's not really a song,
more like a chorus that repeats :music:

I'm glad you find this placing soothing.
It's become my "safe place" :)

And you're not crazy!
If they let me walk out of the psych ward!!... :crazy-eye
I'm sure everyone on this site is just fine!

Your welcome zamboni... learn and educate yourself, and everyone here can help one another heal, so just be yourself, be honest, and your healing will do for you what you want it to do.
A treasure in Australia

I am just so happy and glad that I came across news of this wonderful, amazing, insightful, and helpful PTSD forum. I tell everyone I know about it, and still pinch myself on a daily basis just to make sure I am here, this is real, and the journey to healing has begun.

Absolutely astounded at the effect it has had on me to read everyone's posts here. I am relating. Thank you, Anthony, for creating this forum.

I had the 34th anniversary of the 'event' that caused my PTSD this year, and this site has helped me more in two weeks than some of the years of therapy. It takes knowing there are others.
It is my turn to say how much this site is helping me accept more and more everyday of the PTSD. I kept trying to "shake it off" as i have always done inthe past.....picking up the pieces is not as easy as it use to be. My marriages and relationships have been only one of the symptoms of the PTSD and the root of the memories stuffed. Odd, i could see in others behaviors/shortcomings thier long ago story but not mine. Life as I knew it has changed completely. A good thing I know...there is a light at the end of tunnell most days...some days i think its a train! I know God removed the obsession of alcohol from me, which was my worst enemy....and God will have victory over PTSD too! Its the footwork for me I have hard time with.

My kids are gone this week, which is one big reason I wont let myself sift through the memories cuz i dont want them to see me upset and/or me snap out towards them.....so I have a plan to do some work this week on me. So if my posts are insane sounding, you guys know why.

Thank you all for being here
Nothing wrong with a bit of insanity at times Nancy... and yep, great time when the kids aren't present to see it. Look forward to discussing more with you in your posts.
see how much we appreciate your effort with this site anthony....and its a great feeling when i see someone new coming here and connecting it brings back how good it was to be able too...
great work anthony and thankyou
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