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DID I can't fight it nor live with it

Discussion in 'Other Disorders' started by Punky143, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Punky143

    Punky143 Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer- my parts are especially active so I'll do my best. Spent yesterday's session preparing for this morning's meeting. That it was not ok to choose to dissociate and the reasons why. Made perfect sense to some but impossible for others. Because my husband and I met with the people in charge of the multiple sexual assaults against my child. And there are so many aspects or dynamics to it. But I wasn't supposed to go away. I was co conscious so it counts for something. But I'm horrified I live in my own nightmare. And now comes the distorted thoughts. Gotta go
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  3. whiteraven

    whiteraven Well-Known Member

    What you had to do @Punky143 was such a hard thing - it would be hard for anybody - but it would be nearly impossible for folks like us and it sounds like you made it through. I know it was painful and I know you feel/felt scattered, but can you at least give yourself a small pat on the back for managing through with co-consciousness and not switching? You really did do an awesome job!

    Did you do something for you after? I hope so. How are you doing now?
  4. Punky143

    Punky143 Well-Known Member

    After the meeting I was due to go back to work but I took a drive and wrote in my journal. I did make it back to work but didn't do much. I'll be ok until the next meeting. Thank you for responding☺
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