I Challenge You to a Duel... hahaha


I was wondering if you guys can name at least one thing you wish to be rid of in 2022 and one thing you wish to bring into the New Year? Try to be specific. To my mind, it's challenging but I will start.

for 2022

1.) I want to start speaking up for myself. *(use my voice when necessary).
2.) I want to actively pursue an intimate relationship.
3.) I want to adopt a feline fur baby, but we will see.

To trash

1.) Invalidating myself.

Anyways, this wasn't meant to be a NY's resolution thread as much as a goal-setting challenge. *(maybe that's why I find it so difficult, the main goal I've had for most of my life has been survival and coping with PTSD).


For 2022:
1- being kind to myself (even when I’m feeling/acting crazy) and paying attention to what my body is saying (instead of stuffing and shutting things off) - these are completely new and foreign concepts I believe will help me most to heal.
2- learning to set new & healthy boundaries (with myself and others) - specifically in areas where trauma (I am learning) has really skewed my perspective and where those pesky negative cognitions are in charge.

To trash:
1- fawning, people pleasing, and making decisions based on (irrational) fear.

the main goal I've had for most of my life has been survival and coping with PTSD
This is a worthy and important goal!! Looks like my goals fall under this umbrella as well. Best of luck to you on your new goals this year @Lionheart


fear destroys more goals than failure. Fear can go, too old to be scared. Look at all the times I should have been really really dead and wasn't, and I waste the time I get to be alive on fearing things less scary than what I have already survived? Fear can go. Respect for ones limitations is a given, we will be fine without fear.

We will be bringing in one premature grandson, born today Dec. 31 2021. 5 lbs. and 1 ounce, doing fine and will be spending time with mom and dad tonight. Mom is getting wheeled around and will probably be remembering flying around the hospital effortlessly and then waking up. She is great, but probably scared and we sent her our love. text messages are like birthday cards on the doostep that she will see tomorrow. Covid has changed grandparenting, but we are getting better at the new "on screen" loving of grandkids and their moms. It will be better when the little guy has language. And so we begin


since september, 2019, my life has acquired so many new elements that taking on any more of any nature sounds like more than i can bear. one can only change so far before any change, whatsoever, feels threatening. please don't surprise me again.

i'm looking to clean proverbial closets. things i'd like to lose in 22:

-explaining covid rules to young, isolated and heavily traumatized foster children.
-fear that the maskites will shut us down yet again
-social distancing