I Closed My Home Daycare

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As of 6 p.m. today, I am officially closing my home daycare. I have been running a daycare in my home for 7 years. Unfortunately, I was never able to work in a vacation. I did close on major holidays, but as far as a vacation, I usually ended up with at least one child at my house because I could not afford to go anywhere and when the doorbell rang, and I saw the child, I always gave in....NO MORE if someone rings my doorbell; I am not going to open it!

So now, I am taking off 4 weeks to spend with MY kids and then I am taking courses in July and hopefully will be employed in August. Anyway, I can't find a job while I am caring for 4-6 toddlers.

I am so excited! I am ready for a change in my life!
Well, this is heart wrenching. The first baby just left and I started crying. She is almost 3 years old and I have kept her since she was 6 months. My 3 year old daughter said "bye, best friend" and I started crying. I know in the long-run this is going to be good for our family, I need a change and a break. But, today it is sad.
I know the next few weeks are going to be hard for you because of this change in your life. But you do need a vacation and time for yourself and your own kids. You have taken off the stress for so many other parents for 7 years now! Now it is time for you to breathe and be able to wake up in the morning with nothing to do. You deserve this!
Change is hard, even if it's a good change. You have feelings, so let them out. Cry and grieve for what you have had for the last few years, and once you are done with that.....Explore, experience, and enjoy your new found freedom...

I wish you well on the next chapter of your life.....
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