I dared to try, and I'm acing it!


Just wanted to share this:

I've been unable to work for, like, 15 years (PTSD with massive dissociation). I've been studying at a university for a decade, working on a single BA & master's degree (here they're kinda combined). So, I've been useless earning-wise and I'm also studying at a snail's pace.

Now, however, I dared to give this one-month full-time internship/volunteering thing a try. And I'm f*cking acing it! I'm working at a retreat house as basically a janitor-theologian. Leading worship, doing laundry, cleaning toilets and giving spiritual counseling. (Not a weird combo. At. All.)

I just wanted to tell y'all that I'm really enjoying this sense of achievement. This feeling of being someone, having some real responsibilities, giving something to the community. I'm doing something valuable, and I'm good at it! How cool is this!