I don' know what is real


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Something worrying happened today. I lost £300. I believe it was stolen by a workman. But I can't prove it. I am now questioning myself. Have I just had a moment of confusion and put it somewhere? I don't think so. But I have accused someone of stealing and I have no proof. I feel like I am going crazy. I am scared.


hello spectra. welcome to the forum.

yeah, that's worrying, alright. do i worry that i have all my faculties and have been robbed or do i hope i am crazy enough to be misplacing things again? i've misplaced things far more often than i've been robbed, so i know the odds in my own case.

steadying support while you figure your own odds.


I know the feeling of not knowing if something is real or not only too well. It's very anxiety provoking.

Something I have learnt is that if it doesn't feel real, for me, it usually turns out it is real. Because , for me, it comes from a place of blocking out reality and my feelings related to the reality from a young age. So I have built in confusion in my mind and body.

But something not feeling real could also come from a place of paranoia? And might also not be real.

When you have these feelings before, how do you unpick them? Would that process work for this situation?