Childhood I don't know if these things are SA or COSCA



Idk if this counts as s/a or cocsa??
I'm afab (assigned female at birth) and another girl forced me to do dirty truth or dare with her, I said yes but idk if I wanted to because a, I didn't know what to do, and b, I didn't really want to. I'm sure you all know what goes on in dirty truth or dare. I was around 11, she was around 13 or 14. Is this cocsa because I don't know. Also apologies if this is scrambled I've never used this site, and also I don't remember clearly enough to tell it in full detail.

Second, I think I may have been groomed a few times. I remember going on a chat app, because I was bored, and I got dms from three different people, one 19, one 17, and one was 22. I'm around 13 at the time and they all wanted nudes. They all begged and I stupidly said yes, and they sent some back, I really didn't want to do it but it's my fault for saying yes, I guess. Is this grooming?? Again, sorry if I replied to the wrong thing I'm not sure how to make my own thread