I finished my MA and moved in a new place


I guess this isn’t a surprise since I’ve been talking about it in my diary… but perhaps, posting this here helps to find some positive objectivity

I finished my Master in Arts with great grades, all by distance in plain covid while having to deal with the aftermath of a violent relationship. It’s not nothing. I’m receiving my diploma by post next week!

During this time I also sort of been able to refocus on what was important to me artistically but also in terms of "lifestyle" (don’t like the term but I’ll let it a go). It feels like I know what I want and why I want it. I’m not "defaulting" in anymore. It’s not that I make a lot of stuff, but I’m making it with heart. And it’s important to me.

I also managed to find a great place to live and I’m going along well with my roommates. It’s helping a lot.

I tend to think of myself like I’m very lucky but… might I dare it’s been a lot of hard work… to do all this… it’s difficult not to compute it like "it happened to me" but in a way "I did it, I made it happen." Even writing this I’m feeling like it’s too nice to be true. But I guess it just is. Eh. #embarrassment!