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I finished my MA and moved in a new place

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I guess this isn’t a surprise since I’ve been talking about it in my diary… but perhaps, posting this here helps to find some positive objectivity

I finished my Master in Arts with great grades, all by distance in plain covid while having to deal with the aftermath of a violent relationship. It’s not nothing. I’m receiving my diploma by post next week!

During this time I also sort of been able to refocus on what was important to me artistically but also in terms of "lifestyle" (don’t like the term but I’ll let it a go). It feels like I know what I want and why I want it. I’m not "defaulting" in anymore. It’s not that I make a lot of stuff, but I’m making it with heart. And it’s important to me.

I also managed to find a great place to live and I’m going along well with my roommates. It’s helping a lot.

I tend to think of myself like I’m very lucky but… might I dare it’s been a lot of hard work… to do all this… it’s difficult not to compute it like "it happened to me" but in a way "I did it, I made it happen." Even writing this I’m feeling like it’s too nice to be true. But I guess it just is. Eh. #embarrassment!
Congratulations on a job more than well done!! You did it under the hardest of circumstances and got excellent grades on top of all the craziness and pain.

Very proud of you Corax!! You did it!! Lots of love and hugs
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