I got out!


Thanks @osiris It does have a wool option yes, though I went straight for ironing the curtains on low and they came up lovely 🙂 Nice not to have to have the black out curtains shut, have some light coming in the room.

A lot of my clothes say to wash on a delicate wash. And I even emailed the makers of the machine who also said I could use the wool wash. But I can't see any way to choose a cold wash, the lowest temp it will let you choose is 30.

Think I will investigate a bit more before trusting my lovely clothes to it. Might end up having to do a lot of handwashing..

Reading up it seems the main difference between wool and delicate wash cycle is spin speed.

Am really quite tired out. Bit surprised, got stuff done today but it didn't feel like that much.


Lovely ain't it.

So happy

Was tired and grumpy quite a bit today. Napped this afternoon, and felt much better for it.

Spent time today building my new desk chair, lovely it is. Tan leather. And putting art prints and posters into frames While. Sat. At. My. Desk

So many years since I had a desk to sit at. Well I'm gonna have 2 soon. Got another one to build.

Pinched myself earlier, thought is this really happening.

Fingers crossed I still manage to sleep tonight. Naps often kill my sleep pattern. Will keep working at the sleep hygiene anyway. Got a cup of sleep tea, and took some melatonin.


When I first left Mr for a while a plastic box formed my bedside table. Here, a cardboard box has been my temporary coffee table


Got this and a few others at the RA Shop online. This one for £1! It's waist height, lovely poster. Gonna put it by my dining table