I got out!


No worries @Lumos I think I can use the ideas behind opposite action, except maybe when it comes the urge yo binge. Which isn't somethung I struggle with every day, but when I do have it, any and every attempt to control my behaviour leads to increased bingeing. Whereas telling myself I can have what I want leads to returning to a normal eating pattern.

T was good, shan't see her till mid September now because of holidays, and there is just 3 more sessions.

Talked more yoday about Stopp, Wise Mind and Opposite action. Also discussed creating a kind of portable self soothe kit. Something that can help me when I'm out and about. Kind of had bought some things for stimming which might help, like the 2 inch Squishmallows, carrying perfume around would be good. Want to find a phrase or 2 to say to myself, include the large parent figure too. Something soothing, which helps me remember there are things I can do to soothe and redirect my attention. Slow deep breathing is another good one.

Hmm, Slow down might be a useful thing for me to say to myself, have often noticed that helps before. Maybe I can make the S of Stopp into slow down.

Have just made a lil to do list and prioritised it - feeling bit crotchety today. It's been full on the last few weeks and I'm going away Monday. Could do with some rest but also need to get this furniture built and my things put away.


Am alternating doing and resting.
Slowing my mind down helped a good bit for me to feel less crotchety.

There is a zoom tonight by way of introduction to Autscape that I'm going to on Monday.

Don't know what to expect, am a little nervous, also curious. Must start a list of what I'll need to take, am there till Friday.

The clothes I'll want to take are all my delicates.... grumble grumble


Whereas telling myself I can have what I want leads to returning to a normal eating pattern
Same for me! Wise of you to realize and make this exception. I had a dietician who said that this phenomenon is true for everyone, particularly with eating—that any time a person makes a food forbidden that will increase their craving for it and lead to a backlash of some sort.


Yeah just doesn't work gor me at all. I really struggled with my eating ever such a lot in the past few years again, it's calmed down since moving here, already lost 5lb. Be interesting to see if things stabilise, it would be good.

Went to the Zoom meet, looking forward to going away now :)

Will be my first time ever being surrounded by people like me. First time in 50 years!


Mines was an NHS therapist, I think the system is different to yours because of where I live. I got a good amount more sessions than I was expecting. How many will you have had in total with yours?

Oh, that's really soon, cool! Is it far away? X


12 sessions in total.
(The child in me is playing a guessing game as to where you live lol the adult on the other hand totally gets privacy concerns!)

It's in Derbyshire, driven there for Bearded Theory a few times. Getting quite excited for it. Think it's gonna be hot again, though not as hot as further south. I'm going to take a desk top fan and a timer plug, as there is no aircon.


I've only propped it up on the radiator for now as waiting for command strips, and I think I'll get a table cloth, the table is marked, but it is starting to look like home.